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Default Re: Pokemon Board Game Version 1.2!

Originally Posted by Crystal Momoyia View Post
This seems interesting, so I'll join.
Name: Crystal
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Since you filled in your application correctly you're in. Randor will be reserve but he must check up on the game! Randor you might be involved quicker than you think :)

Originally Posted by Hitmonfighter View Post
I'll just ask more stuff just to make sure this thread won't die until we have 2 more players.

Ok so here are some other questions: Can we get a Bicycle in the game? If yes then what happens if we roll? Will the roll be doubled (I rolled 3+5=8, 8+8=16) or will it have another/more dice(s) (I rolled 4+3+6=13)?
That will be decided when the Becycle will arrive.

Originally Posted by Elecii View Post
It's back?! I have to join then, it was amazing last time. <3


Pokemon Counter
Welcome back! <3 Sorry about last time! Hope you enjoy it second time around. The First board will be up later on so stay tuned everyone!
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