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Default [Project] .:~*Pokehatchery Project*:~.

Okay, so this is new. Since I said I'd just take care of the cracking stages since I'm likely to slightly edit eggs in a way, anyways, how about this: Just edit a blank, shading-drained egg that STILL uses the original base egg given below, and I'll just do the rest from there. XD; I'm sorry if it seems a little demanding, but I can get extremely OCD-like with this type of thing. Don't worry, though, you'll still be given full credit.
To those of you that are confused, in order to submit an egg, all that is required is the pattern with flat colors (no shading). For example, just edit an egg like this (without depth/shading):

And I'll take care of the rest! M'kay?
And now that I've figured out an awesomesauce way of taking advantage of the layer, copy, paste, and magic wand features in Photoshop CS5, I can get done with everything SO much more quickly~! <3

Post 1: ...main stuffs.
Post 2: Kanto Eggs
Post 3: Johto Eggs
Post 4: Hoenn Eggs
Post 5: Sinnoh Eggs
Post 6: Unova Eggs
Post 7: Reserved, just in case we may need other stuff besides just eggs. Which I can tell is a likely possibility.


Hey. As y'all probably don't know, cookiemonster's in need of help with his site, Pokehatchery (see here for a little more info.)
After all, I can't make an egg / all the frames for every single species of Pokemon alone! (That'd be damn-near impossible....)

Currently we're thinking up how the remaining features will work, but we need sprites of Pokemon Eggs.

Yes, we are currenty using Pokefarm's as placeholders, but apparently he doesn't have the cracked stages for them. Therefore, it's probably not all gonna work out too well if we don't have the sprites for the Eggs....

But, yeah. Listen closely.
  • Firstly, you need, need, NEED to edit this egg template--from the official games (Here, I got a blank template here. ^^; )
  • I've got quite a few examples of how the eggs should look; mostly with Unova Pokemon, though. Anyways, you know how GPX+ eggs are? How they kinda show the Pokemon species' face or something? Um, really, really want to stay away from that type of thing. Traditional eggs manipulate and/or resemble a pattern and/or color pattern that exists on the species it's for. Just post up what you have and we'll just see how it goes from there.
  • Unlike in a lot of projects you may see, there's one thing you must be aware of at all costs: quality control will be used. Yeah, so before I add any eggs to the list, I'll most likely crit them first and, if it's not accepted, I'll tell you what you need to fix. If you haven't fixed your mistakes--better yet, if you haven't shown your progress on your remake attempt--anyone will be free to make the egg for said Pokemon.
  • You can only reserve about 1-3 at a time, and if it is not done within about a week, your name will be removed.
  • Also remember that if I reject your egg, it's probably about 60/40 that it's merely because of the design and not the quality. The design is the most important, so if you thought up a kick-arse design, and/or one that suits perfectly, I will edit an egg using that pattern / design. Don't worry, though, I still plan on giving you credit for that entire thing.
  • NEW: Okay, guys. I think it'll be a little easier that, since I'm likely to edit your eggs a little bit, you all just make one egg; the one that's completely uncracked. I'll edit your egg for the cracked stages...Just don't flood me with too many eggs at a time. ^^;
  • Please be aware that if I only make slight alterations to your design (which is a rather likely possibility anyway), I may most likely not say so in the list of eggs. Sorry, it's just that most of the time the edits are so minor (usually repositioning, fixing up, moving something, etc.). ^^;
  • By the way, everyone! We want to make sure our eggs are a bit different, if not entirely different (of course) from GPX+'s eggs (which you shouldn't worry about, because they're at a distinctable 3/4ths point-of-view anyways.) and Pokefarm's Eggs. Thanks, Disco, for mentioning this. XD Just so we don't have too many coincidences, unless coincidences are really the only option (like with Pokemon such as Ditto.)

Also, don't post until the final post is posted, m'kay? (See ToC up at the top.) 'Cause, assuming that we get entries for all the Pokemon, it'll all most likely exceed the character limit, and yeah. Also, it's easier to edit. :3

Oh, and I'll, of course, have the user's name that edited / made the egg next to the link / Pokemon's name on the list so that proper credit can be given.

Also, by entering an egg into this project, you are agreeing to allow me to possibly edit little bits of your egg, such as if there's a few distorted pixels or something, to add anti-aliasing, etc. It's nothing too big, actually. You are also agreeing for these eggs to be "open-source," meaning that anyone will be able to use these eggs for a similar purpose (most likely with a bit of credit, though.)

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