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(OOC: lol and I forsaw this post as short.)


Chainy released his Swampert with a sigh, not looking too enthused. Ivy thought maybe it was from not wanting to battle, but she was more sure it was from her comment about helping him. Men. She gave her own sigh. Sometimes they got too macho for her, needing to be tough guys that didn't need any help.

The whole point of going on a team run was so that you and your partner could help each other out. Just because they were Rangers didn't mean that they should forget that. They were Trainers too. She wanted to be able to help Chainy out, and she wanted someone she could trust at her back to catch her mistakes. Even though they had a job to do out here, they were still technically acting as Trainers for the purpose of the run. She didn't want it to always have to be about the job.

She supposed Chainy could be taking it personally though. He was a big target for jokes from many of the other Rangers, and even though she tried to stick up for him, sometimes she thought that was worse than if she didn't do anything at all. She just couldn't get it right. He probably thought it made him look like he needed protecting or something, instead of letting someone have his back. She just shook her head. That's what teams were supposed to be about. It was also true that if Buzz and the others took time enough to think of insults and jokes, they probably liked him enough to expend that much effort.

She watched Haji perform his attack, keeping watchful eyes on her Pokémon in case something went wrong. A lot of the rocks he kicked up were pretty small, and as he flung them at the ghost, it simply threw up a fire wall, destroying the small stones. It was a little discouraging, but the battle was still early and there was plenty of it left. The candle was no pushover, and they were going to have to get creative to beat it.

The fire was a problem though, as it would probably protect Litwick from any of her attacks. A Shadow Ball would take a little time to charge up, and though it would be the most effective thing they could do, she didn't know if it'd make it through the flame tower fast enough for the ghost not to manuever around it. She wasn't sure if she could take it down by herself.

She snuck a look over at Chainy. He didn't look too angry, but he didn't look pleased. He kept looking at Haji, and a puzzled expression came to his face. He probably wondered why she would send the Espeon against a ghost. He had wanted to fight, so she wasn't going to deny him. She wanted to prove that he could do it. Plus, her only other real option was Haxbat, and she was trying to stay on Chainy's good side.

She needed help against this ghost. She could admit that without a problem. She wasn't sure if he'd help her, but she had to try. She turned towards him more and bit her lip for a second, debating what to say, if anything. She couldn't do it alone.

“Got my back, Chainy?” she asked, still worrying on her lip a little. As if on cue, the raging flame tower flared, and the sound it made drew her eyes back to it. “I can't take out that flame alone. Can you help me out? I'll distract Rapidash.”

Even if he didn't help her, she coudln't do much as long as the fire was there. She wouldn't risk Haji like that. She might as well help wear down the flame horse, even if Chainy didn't want it.

She watched the horse run in tight circles as its speed increased, knowing it could use its energy for an Agility move. It gave her an idea. “Haji,” she said, as he came back to her side, “see if you can use your Psych Up skill to copy Rapidash's speed increase. Then lets run a grass knot through the ground to trip it up. If we can stall it a bit, it'll make it easier for Chainy to hit.”

Haji nodded silently and began to focus on his target. He glowed a little, a dim whiteish aura that pulsed. If it all worked correctly, he would be able to use the energy from the speed increase to speed up the vines from his attack. The more of them that appeared, the better. She had seen this done a few times on other runs she had taken. If done correctly it could be very effective. Haji worked best from a distance, so running speedy vines through the ground kept him out of harms way. Extra speed woudln't hurt later once the ghost started moving either, which would hopefully let him stay ahead of both of the wild Pokémon.

While Haji was working she called out again. “In the meantime, guard yourself with Future Sight. I want you to keep yourself safe. Focus on that mostly, trying to avoid any oncoming attacks while we have to wait. I guess if you get a chance, an attack wouldn't hurt, but don't try it if you don't get an opportunity. I want you safe.”

She wished she knew was he was thinking. She had thought having a Psychic type Pokémon would make things like this easier, but she found she was strugglng just as much. They hadn't developed that bond that she was envious of people like Buzz and Chainy having with their Pokémon. They always seemed in synch with their partners, and Ivy just wondered what she was missing. She didn't know how to ask Haji about it without sounding impatient or unskilled. She didn't want to rush him.

Then, there was a prickling on her mind, and a part of it she didn't know she had opened up like the doors on the Main Outpost on a bright, sunny day. It made her gasp and blink rapidly, seeing more with her mind than her eyes, even though they were wide open. She felt a presence, and then Haji was there. She couldn't exactly explain it, but it was like a puzzlepiece that was missing that had finally been connected.

She saw the Psychic Pokémon look back at her for a second, and she could only smile. He must have heard her thoughts and answered, and it only made her beam. It was a quiet thing, but she could still feel his energy and his emotion towards the battle, so she thought that he just wasn't thinking of anything in particular in that moment. It was a strange yet interesting phenominon.

“Be wary of being overwhelmed. Sometimes there is much.”

She nodded at Haji's warning, wanting to experience every bit she could but knowing she should be careful. She supposed they would have more time to work on it later, and the thought made her grin.

She felt as Haji's energy split and changed. He hadn't finished Psych Up, but she felt him branch out to start his Future Sight too. There were whirls of color that made her head spin, followed by flashes of light and creeping dark shadows. There was just light, and a warmness filled her body from the tips of her hair down to her toes. She felt on top of the world, like nothing could ever touch her. Pure happiness that wasn't her own filled her, and she wondered if this was one of Haji's memories or an event that had yet to happen. She didn't even know if it was really Haji's feeling.

She had heard that sometimes the mental link between Trainer and Pokémon was imperfect, and sometimes things like memories leaked into each other. Since Haji had linked them before starting the Sight, she was maybe picking up things from that as well. She knew she probably wasn't getting the full force of it, but that was probably a good thing. It was a lot to take in all at once. Ivy felt Haji's energy rise and just went with it, riding the wave of power that she was sure surged through the whole area.

Then, there was pain and a gripping darkness that left her gasping, causing her to stumble back. She smacked into the larger boulder behind her, needing the brace to help her stand as she brought both hands up to hold her head. She couldn't see. There was only darkness. A horrible loneliness seeped through her bones, and she bit her lip in order to prevent her from crying out. If this was one of Haji's memories, she didn't want him to experience this ever again.

Confused, she was so confused. It didn't feel like hers, and she didn't think it was Haji's, but it was awful. It gnawed at her insides and left her feeling like she should run away, but she didn't know what she was running from. Could it be the wild Pokémon perhaps? Psychic types could sometimes pick up the feelings of those around them, and she assumed Haji was no different.

The blackness faded to just spots here and there, but she couldn't focus on anything. The feeling made her want to curl up in a ball and be sick, but she now worried that trying to break out of it would mess up what Haji was doing. He was focused. She could feel that. She couldn't jynx what he was doing, no matter how bad this was. She just had to sit though it enough for him to finish.

She could feel the ground under her feet and the stone at her back. There was so much energy in the air. She felt the heat from the flaming tower and was aware of every being on the field. She knew Dual was somewhere behind them, and River's signature was bright next to another one she knew was Buzz. Even the Litwick and Rapidash had places.

She tried to focus on the individuals instead of the intense emotions all storming around in her head while Haji executed his attack.


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
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