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Default Temporary Reffing Log of the World's Greatest Pokémon Master.

Battle 38

This battle log is now on BMG, as this thread is only where I will log battle when I can't get onto BMG (such as if it is down)

Dr. Stubbsburg vs Ryoku


Default Terrain
No Starting Weather
No Holds
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO/Evasion Clauses ("All Clauses"; I'm not sure of any others)

Tepig vs Zorua

[Zorua | Tepig]: Night Daze (hits, drop) | Flare Blitz (miss); Night Daze (hits, no drop) | Flare Blitz (miss); Night Daze (hits) KO;

Ryoku wins and gets $1,000
Dr. Stubbsburg loses and gets $500
Ash K. refs and gets $500
Ash K.'s unpaid salary: $12,500
Ash K.'s all time ref wages: $30,000

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