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“Alright, Haji, let's not use your Shadow Ball just yet. Instead, try to stay in Litwick's blind side. Fire types are weak to rock, so let's put some of these surroundings to good use. Keep your distance, and try to run around her on her right side. Then, when you have a clear shot, use your Psychic to kick up some of these smaller rocks towards her top. Maybe we can shrink that flame a little. Hopefully she won't catch the incoming attack in her blind spot. You can do this!" Ivy called out. "We'll have to be ready if Chainy needs help too."

I sighed and released Smash onto the sandy ground. Everyone treated me like I was a child, needing to be protected or a target for jokes or something. While I didn't mind it when Buzz played pranks on me or when Leo treated me like a newb, when Ivy did these things it hurt a little, for reasons I wasn't quite sure of. I decided to shrug it off and concentrate on the battle, which had started without me because I had been lost in thought.

Haji shot towards the Litwick - I was a bit surprised at Ivy making this choice. Espeon, being of the Psychic type, were weak to Ghost-typed Pokemon. In fact, the Litwick's Ghost typing was the only reason I wasn't using Dual. I was suddenly reminded of him, and craned my head to locate him - usually he kicked up a bit of a fuss when I used Pokemon other than him in battle, unless the opponent was a Flying type. At first I couldn't see him, but I eventually located him sitting on top of a large rock cluster behind us. I looked at his face in an attempt to read his emotions, and the Aura Reader on my right eye automatically zoomed in. His eyes were squinted, and he was looking quickly from Ivy to Haji and then back to Ivy again. Perhaps he was as confused at Ivy's choice as I was.

Haji reached the Litwick's blind side and started to glow purple. Small rocks started to levitate upwards and around the Espeon. I noted that none of them were larger than my fist - this was probably to save energy. Wise choice. Considering the combatants, I wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be a stall battle.

I was partially right. The rocks suddenly oriented themselves in the direction of the Litwick, and shot off like they were fired from invisible bows. The Litwick knew how to counter this though - a sudden blaze of fire expanded outwards and upwards, completely surrounding the Candle Pokemon. The rocks plunged into the fiery depths, but I couldn't see whether the improvised attack had any effect. I was about to move and get a better look when I remembered I had my own opponent to worry about. I saw the Rapidash galloping around in circles, stretching out its muscles and increasing its speed. That didn't bother me - the Rapidash could have speed superiority if it wanted it. Smash didn't need to rely on instant reflexes - he had bulk, and lots of it.

"Smash, use Curse until that horse is ready to fight, then hit it with a Waterfall," I called.

Smash started making ominous noises under his voice, swearing and cursing at the Rapidash. The Fire-type probably couldn't hear him, but that didn't matter - it was all about getting into the right mind-set and staying there. The curses would get Smash angry, but keep him there as well. Because of his usually jolly nature, he'd use this rage constructively - it'd benefit him physically, and he wouldn't rush into anything because of his calm demeanor.

When the Rapidash had appeared to stop showing off, Smash began moving towards the horse on his solid legs, causing the ground to shake a little bit. As he got closer, a thin veil of water covered him, and it grew in size as he approached his opposed until none of his body was visibile. It looked like a freight train of rushing, frothing water was approaching the Rapidash.
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