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Default Re: Soul Silver Nuzlocke Challenge

I have a watcher! Alright! Nnow if I could only get some more...x3

So anyway, today I headed out from Mr. Pokémon's house (obviously), and got the call from Prof. Elm telling me to get back pronto. So I trained up a little more and visited the Pokémon Center to heal before the "big" first battle with my rival. He showed up, and I whomped him easily, his Cyndaquil did three damage with a critical hit tackle; a little sad, no? So I defeated him, and stole his trainer card from him (haha, who's the meanie now?) He realized that and took it back, but not before I saw his name.

Ashura. What a prick.

So yeah, I got back to the lab (now with Quistis being level 10), and the police confronted me with an accusation! Luckily, clown-girl saved my butt by telling the stupid cop I was innocent, so then I gave the cop the name of the red-haired thief, and they went off to (never) catch him. With that settled, I handed over the Mystery Egg to Prof. Elm, obviously confused why Mr. Pokémon was so enamored with this particular egg, so he decided to do some research. With that, I told Prof. Elm that I was given a Pokédex from Prof. Oak, and the dude seemed to have an aneurism from that (which made sense; Drake is TEN). So Prof. elm suggested taking the Gym Challenge, which I accepted eagerly; I love kicking butt.

Heading back out to mom's house, I told her to save some of my money from each battle to have a good amount after some time just in case I get dumb and spend every penny, hehe. With that settled, I went on my way...only to meet clown-girl on Route 29.

She assumed I was dumb enough to not know how to catch Pokémon (I just didn't have any Pokéballs, sheesh!), and in thanks for watching her (twice, I might add), she gave me five Pokéballs; okay, so she isn't totally useless. Anyway, With that, I headed into the grass, and decided to find my first partner...

And lo and behold, it was a female Pidgey! With this second coincidence, I had an idea. And once I captured the Pidgey and headed to Cherrygrove, I decided on my new rule before saving and shutting off for the night.

I would only capture the first Pokémon on the route if it is female; if it's male, tough luck for me.

This Nuzlocke challenge just got a lot more hellish, and way more exciting. I'm quite eager.

Active Optional Rules (Besides Core Rules)
  • All Pokemon must be given nicknames (no set theme for nicknames)
  • White-Out = Game Over
  • Battle style must be “SET”
  • Duplicate Mons encountered can be ignored (including evolutions)
  • Trades only allowed for one evolution, beyond that, no trades allowed (including in-game)
  • Only one egg (the story egg) is allowed
  • Items (non-held) may not be used in battle, only outside
  • NEW: May only capture female Pokémon. If the first Pokémon on a route is male, tough luck.

Number of Gym Badges: 0

Current Roster
Number of Casualties: 0
  1. Quistis the Chikorita lvl 11 (Starter)
  2. Winry the Pidgey lvl 3 (Route 29)
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