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Default Re: Did Nintendo Sabotage 3DS with Pokemon Black & White?

Originally Posted by Skylands View Post
To be honest, I despised the 3DS as soon as I first saw it. Its creation is just Nintendo being a cash cow.
i couldnt agree more

Originally Posted by Teo View Post
Lol I'm laughing at, the price tag on the 3DS really isn't worth it in my opinion.
this is again TRU

Originally Posted by Zan Sabrefang View Post
I will stick with my much more impressive DSi XL.
last one quoted for the optimal truth.

I happen to have this feeling when i think about the 3ds like If i like it i would feel cheated... To me yeah the new techology of the 3DS just goes around the WiFi issues that the older versions of the DS family couldnt/wouldnt..
but in hindsight (personally & dont take this personal to all you who have or plan of getting one) I find the 3DS to be a downgrade of the DS family.. why or how you ask.. well you're buying something with better internet capabilities but you're also buying a handheld with the same screen size as the 1st Gen DSes- the DSi was the bigger better deal screensize and what not, only for the DSi XL to come out the following year which to me is in fact the next best thing when it comes to the DS family..
the price on th XL is just about the same now give or take of the regular DSi but with a larger screen I've test played it & seen the pokemon games 1st hand on XL & that IMO is the hottest ticket..


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