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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP


"UG!" i said as I shot a pice of earth i dug up with another hydro pump. "mewtwo will pay those were my friends and that stupid Black is no help ether." I shot another pice of earth with hydro pump. "OH man I am going to kill that..." Ring Ring Ring, Ring Ring Ring, Phone call! Phone call! it was my poketech. *picks up poketech* "hello?...who is this?..." hello? Blastoise it is me Pyro "Pyro? where are you? Black said hw was with you but he did not say where?" "look Aqua""only my sister calls me Aqua please..." He has never had a problem with Aqua. she thought "Fine Blast...I don't have much time I am sorry but you can't see me Mewtwo would kill me if he found out I am to close to him to see you...Blast I am his 3rd in comand i will send you a map of his bases but be careful i dont want to louse you again..." again? I thought. oh well "OK thanks i will get you soon i will make sure we ' capture' you if/when we go in i will see you then by Pyro" "good bye 'Aqua'" *Dead tone* Dude i hate you. again it was my poketech and this time it was Black *Hangs up on it* Ring Ring Ring, Ring Ring Ring, Phone call! Phone call! now drake "Ug! fine WHAT!" i yelled Um...Aqua we are having a conference that you need to see and your heart rate whent WAY down then shot up what is it"I will tell you when i get back" "ok bye" *Dead tone* "man do i have news for them..." I run back to base

I got back to the base just in time for the conference. "ok guys i have news for you i just got some maps from Py- i mean a friend inside the bases i will get them to you asap" i said "oh yeah Black i want those poketech's" *hands over 5 poketech's* "I want you guys to have these they will be handy." *hands a poketech to Lupper and Kari* *hands a poketech to Tank with a glare on my face* *hands a poketech to Blaze* *hands a poketech to Rhy* and *hands a poketech to munchy* "these should help us and the maps are programed onto them as!" i said " now what was so important?..."
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