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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP

OOC: Besides Mayfan1000 and TRK I need more people posting or you guys are gonna fall behind. Hey guys you should try to say something in the meeting guys.


I looked around as more idea were being thrown around I had finished my food quickly because hadn't eaten like that in awhile so I quickly said "Yanmega thanks for the dinner it was really good. I haven't eaten like that in awhile." "Well your welcome Blaze may I call you that for short", Yanmega said. "Yes I don't mind."

So Rhy had went over to the Torterra that had gotten pulled in the base "hello I am Rhy we are the alliance. A secret organization trying to stop Mewtwo and his clones. They wiped out the human species from this earth and nearly the pokemon species so we are trying to find the rest of the pokemon and team up to destroy his forces. So we could really use your help." Then he had heard them talking about the sandstorm he had interrupted and said "no you can stop the sandstorm with regular moves and we don't want too it keeps us camouflage. Mewtwo's clones will never go through the sandstorm to guess us that the whole point of this hiding spot. Here is the rest of my food Torterra please eat you will need your strength. Aqua there is a bowl on the table for you. Yanmega please prepare more bowls."

He then seen a charizard named Black enter the base he was striped, but seem to be good. "Hello Black welcome to the alliance I see you are try to become a spy I have the good plan for you Black because we already have a spy in Mewtwo's main base which is Lex the Lucario so you can spy at another base but, please get a bowl to eat we need everyone ready on these missions. Are missions will be quiet then loud we can't get detected early in are operations or we will fail so please you must follow my plan exactly."

"Oh I see you stole one of there hard drives Torterra thats great. Yanmega get the computer up pronto I need everyone in the meeting room nowwwwww we have stuff to talk about." "Yes Rhy I am working on getting the computer up everyone please hang on." "Hey guys I have a map lay out of there main base guys to this very important," said Lex. "Good job Lex now everyone we need to see what this hard drive has up here and make good use of it guys we have good leads and the plan is forming in my head little by little."
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