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Default Re: Did Nintendo Sabotage 3DS with Pokemon Black & White?

Originally Posted by Temporal Snake View Post
Or maybe because it's $250?
Haha, you're lucky. Here it's $350 and the Aussie dollar is currently HIGHER than the US dollar! :P

Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations View Post
That is an irrational statement. Did one think that Black and White could possibly just be a filler? I mean, to be honest, they only changed enough in B&W to make it seem fresh. It is my personal belief that they are going to come out with something much more impressive.
I kinda agree with this. When you look at the changes from generation to generation. DP and BW seem to have the least, at least graphically. In fact, if not for the new Pokemon, BW could be a 4th gen game.

I think postponing BW for the 3DS would have helped to sell the 3DS, however, it would have had a negative effect on sales of BW. I guess it's a trade off and they figured they might as well send off the DS with a bang. Besides, there will always be more Pokemon games to help sell the 3DS later.
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