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Default Re: Did Nintendo Sabotage 3DS with Pokemon Black & White?

Originally Posted by Pokomum View Post
I did have a play around with the slider but I think by that time the damage had been done. I have played several DS games but now use it pretty much exclusively for pokemon. If they could just fine tune the 3D viewing it would be fabulous. To have a pokemon battle on my cool would THAT be. For now though I feel that there is no point in having a 3D consule that I can only comfortably use in 2D. Real shame.
I understand exactly where you are coming from, another downside to the 3DS is they are making new additions of all the best games and continuing really good franchises, which is not the bad part, it just forces people to buy the 3DS to continue there favorite gaming franchises. For example "Paper Mario" which is my favorite console game by Nintendo...
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