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> Before leaving, check the room for any useful items.
You suddenly remember something -- in your rush to get out of the building, you didn't really stop to look around the room you had found yourself in. Sighing, you turn back around, examining the room... and as you do, something white shifts up near the top. Immediately, your attention is on it, but that decision is regretted soon after. Floating slowly towards the ground, apparently carried here by some wayward wind, was what looked to be the remains of a ripped-up paper.

Next to it was the envelope, opened but unharmed.

You gulp and look around; was someone else in the building with you? Lurking up in the vent, or even hiding directly next to you, waiting for a chance to strike? You take a step forward, unsure and wary of any attackers, but when they don't come you take another. And another. Soon, you're right next to the envelope and shreds of paper. Looking upon them, you can see that there was once writing, but it was shredded beyond understanding now. Sighing, you try to dust up the pieces of paper in your hand, and place them into the envelope. The other pieces are too small for you to pick up.
-- Collar of Badassery
-- Probably Important Letter (Shredded)
> Look around and see if you can find something edible - plant or Pokemon.
With the letter added to some mysterious inventory, you move back out to the front door, taking the opportunity to try and comprehend where it is you found yourself in -- and, more importantly, find food. The scenery remains entirely unchanged, which is to say, there was nothing more immediately evident as food than before.

You take a few more paces and turn back around, looking up at the building. You notice for the first time that said building is really really tall, with some kind of semi-pointy metal thing sticking up the top. Though the sun is now in your eyes, so you duck down again, scanning the ground for an sign of plant or something. With a sigh, your gaze falls on nothing but grass and dirt; as n experiment, you reach down and put one of the grass blades into your mouth, but end up with nothing but a completely unfulfilling blade of grass in your mouth.

Shrugging, you eat the grass anyway.

After that is done, you realize that you remain completely as unfulfilled as you were beforehand, and now feel something like an idiot, so you decide to move on. You turn around to the side of the building and walk a little ways, before discovering that there are in fact more buildings nearby. A lot of them. This seems almost like some kind of settlement.

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