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Default Re: Did Nintendo Sabotage 3DS with Pokemon Black & White?

Whether Nintendo mis-timed the 3DS launch or not I don't know but have a suspicion it wouldn't really have made a significant difference had things been different.

I liked the concept of the 3DS and had every intention of having one, that was until I took a trial before its launch. It took about 30 seconds for me to not like it as a 3D console. (I have had no problems previously viewing 3D images using glasses) The graphics strained my eyes very quickly to the point of frustration but as soon as the game was switched back to 2D it was fine.

I did like it for its added features and being able to use real life images to background a game was alot of fun. However not being able to comfortably use the console for its intended 3D use, it completly lost the point for me. Will be sticking with my DS Lite for now.
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