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Originally Posted by Lusankya View Post
Right, and what's happening in Libya wouldn't be possible if the US doesn't have the military it has. NATO and the UN are essentially hollow without the US. If the US didn't have the military to back up the entire Western world, coordinated action like in Libya wouldn't happen.

Government is inherently inefficient. There's little incentive for a government to cut cost. They're not out for profit. The methods of evaluating their efficiency are few, far in between, and not at all effective. And democracies, especially one rife with checks and balances like the US, are the most inefficient form of government without even accounting for human laziness or corruption. Find me a democracy that's as efficient as a business, and you might have an argument.

Entitlement spending's biggest "brokenness" is its size, period. The system, by and large, works the way it's supposed to. That's the problem. The way it's supposed to work isn't helpful.

Yes, and you know what? That's not going to change. As previously stated, there is no incentive for the government to be efficient. It doesn't have to worry about profit. It doesn't have to worry about a rational, reliable, and objective way of evaluating its effectiveness. There is no way to objectively and scientifically evaluate the effectiveness of most government programs. What you're proposing requires a fundamental alteration of human nature, which there is no practical way to accomplish.
A-to the-m-to the-e-n! Amen!

This post right here is amazing and one of the first things I can say I completely agree with!
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