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Default Soul Silver Nuzlocke Challenge

I've seen threads for Emerald and a couple of the other games for this sort of thing, and after seeing the Black/White Official Nuzlocke thread, I wanted to try a Nuzlocke of my own. However, I didn't want to start over with my Black version at the time, so I decided once I beat Black and transferred all my awesome mons over from Soul Silver, I would start over on SS and complete it in a Nuzlocke challenge. Here is the thread where I will document and narrate my travels.

Of course, I'm not barring anyone else from posting in this thread with comments, advice, and the like ^^. Feel free to post between my logs :3

Nuzlocke Challenge Rules

  • Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released.
  • The player may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances.

Just so those who have no idea what I'm talking about know what I am trying to do here ^^. I also have some optional rules which I have set out for myself, which I'll outline in each post.

(And yes, this thread is modeled after the format being used in the Black/White Nuzlocke thread, except this one is just for me)


Okay, beginning off, I...skip the explanation in the beginning; I know how to play Pokémon, thankyouverymuch! Okay, after that, I finally see Professor oak and talk with him; oh, sorry I interrupted your book reading, Prof (not). Yes, I am a guy. Name? Uh...guess I didn't think of that...Know what? Let's go with Drake, yeah. Drake's cool enough without being stupid or too cliché. And no, I have nothing in particular to do with dragons, guys 8P

Anyway, now that I am sprited, it's time to talk to mom as she hands options! Holy crap, these Options you gave me look so tasty, mom, thanks! n_n Today's gonna be awesome :3

So I head outside, and...AHHH POKÉMON ATTACKING ME! Oh, wait, it's just someone's overly-friendly Marril...And look who it is, clown-girl! Away with you now. Thank you...*shudders* She always gives me the creeps, I think it's the hat. Way too big to have just hair in there, after all...

(Yyeeeeeaaahhh, I'm just being random with my first entry, yes, bear with me guys, I wanna make it at least SOMEWHAT entertaining to read for everyone ^^)

Anyway, on to Professor Elm's Lab, so I can see what the not-so-old fart wants. Oh, right, of course, he wants to give me a Pokémon, how silly of me. Now, this is a Nuzlocke, so I could just be easy on myself at the start and pick Cyndaquil, or at least decently easy with Totodile...Nah, screw it, Hard Mode all the way, I'm grabbin' the Chikorita and making my Nuzlocke run an absolute HELL.

...HOLY CRAP. That's the first time I EVER got a female starter. Things are already looking up with that. I think I'll nickname her...Quistis. Yes, generic FFVIII name, but it sounds cool. Besides, I remember Quistis using a whip in that game, and...helloooooo, Vine Whip 8P

Anyway, with Pokémon in tow, it's time to head outside. Skipping the conversation with clown-girl, I told mom I was running away, and she freakin' helps me...AWESOME! With that I can head over to Mr. Pokémon's house for Prof. Elm's errand (after the forgetful Prof. gives me his phone number, of course). First foray out into the route is fun so far, Quistis is easily trained up to level 8 by the time I get to Cherrygrove literally five minutes after leaving (when accounting for the battles I was in).

I met an old man who gave me a tour, and then tried to hand my his smelly, sweaty Running Shoes before handing me a fresh, brand-new pair...That was almost gag-worthy. So I heal up, look around town, and head north. Quistis gains another level, and I'm at Mr. Pokémon's house within three minutes tops. He gives me a Mystery Egg (big surprise), and then I get to chat with the top Prof. himself. He sees I'm an innocent kid with a Pokémon, and I could practically see the lightbulb appear above his head, which leads to...


...Well, later today. I'll take a nap for now, then continue (early morning to start, yeah, but I did, and I'm still tired, so a nap will help).

Active Optional Rules (Besides Core Rules)
  • All Pokemon must be given nicknames (no set theme for nicknames)
  • White-Out = Game Over
  • Battle style must be “SET”
  • Duplicate Mons encountered can be ignored (including evolutions)
  • Trades only allowed for one evolution, beyond that, no trades allowed (including in-game)
  • Only one egg (the story egg) is allowed
  • Items (non-held) may not be used in battle, only outside

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Current Roster
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  1. Quistis the Chikorita (Starter)
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