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Default Re: Glorious Battlers [Now Recruiting!]

Originally Posted by BlueJello View Post
The 3Ds compared to the DS Lite? No contest, 10/10. You get tons of free applications and games come with it, WPA connectivity and an upcoming internet browser are always cool.

Plus, the 3D is mind boggling.

The only fault I have with it is my worrying about scratching the touch screen. That's it. If you're not good with 3D that may be a problem, but of course you can always turn that off.

Anyway, expect my activity to increase due to my wifi accessibility. I'm having the best luck on the GTS. I've gotten an Adamant Dream World Flareon, a Calm Female Dream World Vulpix and a Female Dream World Growlithe, along with a seemingly High IV'd Relaxed Scraggy (with Drain Punch, Dragon Dance, Ice Punch and ThunderPunch, no less) and a Hasty Wailmer. It's going to be easy to make a 5th Gen team with these.

And I got all that just by trading spitback Munna eggs and random Pokemon I had caught. Awesome.
Sounds good enough for me ^_^ now just convince parents and I have it.

I want to get into Wi-Fi again too :( but stupid WEP/WPA
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