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(OOC: Female Litwick please :3)


“Well, now that she's here, let's get going,” Buzz said. She normally would comment on his sarcastic tone, but she let it slide for now. He continued to remind them about the poacher sightings and what had happened to Zapdos on one of his previous run. She nodded to herself as he spoke. If there were poachers here, they needed to be found and stopped. Nobody abused Pokémon in her Park.

She hadn't seen the wound, but everyone had said it was like a bullet hole. The people they were dealing with were probably dangerous, so she was glad they had the three of them. She was fairly confident they could handle anything. It also helped that Chainy was an Elite Ranger if anything did go down. It was always messy when they had to deal with outside authorities, even though Rangers were technically a type of law enforcement too. The regular police didn't always understand.

Buzzer led the way and the two other Rangers followed, Ivy still lost in her thoughts. Now they had been added to though, and instead of just a dreary dark cloud there were patches of storms and churning water. At least now there were other problems she could actually do something about. If there were poachers here, they were going to find them.

The two followed Buzz up the trail, Ivy following behind Chainy as she thought. She kept noticing Dual glancing at her and Haji, though she had no idea what for, and if Haji knew, he wasn't saying. She wasn't sure how friendly the two Psychic Pokémon were with each other yet. Haji wasn't with her constantly, and he was free to wander around the Park if he wished. He never talked about it if he did go though, so she had no idea what he got up to.

Deckbi was nice, but Ivy couldn't deny that she knew the area too well for things to be new and exciting. Most of her last runs had been here, so she had gotten her fill of dust and rocks and ashes. Then, there was a whirling explosion of sound, and a huge flame appeared over the next hill in the path, closer to the base of the mountain.

The other two darted off, and Ivy wasted no time in following them. Over the crest, a flaming cream colored horse was shooting streams of fire at a small candle-like Pokémon. She recognized the first as a Rapidash – a Trainer named Monbrey had caught one on one of her previous runs. The other Pokémon was a Litwick, a Fire and Ghost type just recently discovered. In fact, it was the first new Pokémon she had seen in the Park. They were all the rage on the mainland for what the evolved into. They were a real powerhouse and had access to a wide variety of moves. It would probably be a useful Pokémon to have with her in the Park for runs, and she could always use another Pokémon on her team.

“I guess this is the part where I ask you if you want to battle these two,” Buzz said.

He drew the attention of the two wild Pokémon, and they stopped their battle (or training, maybe) to look at them. The Rapidash took more of an interest in Chainy, and Ivy saw the candle move closer to her. She got a better look at it, and she supposed it was cute. It cried out at that moment, like it could hear her thoughts, though she was pretty sure it couldn't. She noticed the Litwick was a girl, and she had a drippy hair-like top that covered one of her yellow eyes. The rest of her looked like a fluffly marshmellow topped with a blue flame that changed in shade.

The more she saw it, the more she liked it, but she didn't really want to inconvenience anyone. She took a look over at Chainy and saw that he didn't look too impressed at the display the horse was showing. She remembered faintly that his brother Jathan was a breeder, so maybe he was looking for the unevolved form, Ponyta. He shot her a look, and he looked a little jealous. She frowned and bit her lip when he looked away. She couldn't help what the wild Pokémon did, and it furthered her theory that she was doing something wrong with him.

She sighed. Sometimes she couldn't win.

Chainy still looked ready to battle. His hand was resting on a Pokébal at his hip. That was a little reassuring. At least if he battled, she wouldn't have to worry about taking on two Pokémon at once. It had been a long time since she last battled, but she was confident in her Pokémon. She just didn't which one to use.

Her reflex was to send out Haxbat. He was fast and could easily take most hits the ghost type was able to dish out. Her hand just hovered over the pocket his Pokéball was in though. She wasn't sure. Her Ambipom could do very little to Litwick. She hadn't had a lot of time to learn new moves with him, and the skills he did know wouldn't be very effective. She would send Haji, but one of his weaknesses were to ghost types, and she didn't want to risk him. Also, she wasn't sure how well they would actually battle. If he didn't really like her that well, this could go badly. Chainy didn't like her Crobat though, so it put her in a hard place. Today wasn't going so well so far. She didn't want to make it worse, but she didn't want to put her partners at risk either.

“I will battle,”a soft voice said in her mind.

Her eyes snapped downwards to the left, and Haji was right there next to her, looking up at her. He must've picked up some of her thoughts. She tended to forget to block them when she was bombarded by many things at once. She didn't know if he picked up all of it, but she hoped not. She couldn't read his curious eyes, so she had no idea what he was thinking either. His end of the bond was silent, though she didn't know if that was just a failure of her being able to read and understand it or if he just wasn't projecting anything.

She smiled at him, communicating through the psychic link. “You don't have to. Ghosts can damage you more, and I don't want you hurt.” She sighed out loud. “It's not Haxbat's fault, and I'm not going to ignore him even if Chainy doesn't like him...”

Haji just rubbed against her leg lightly as he padded forward, his split tail swishing and his purple coat shining from the sunlight. “You are being silly. Everything will be fine. A ghost would not be a bad choice for our group.”

It seemed he was completely ignoring her previous concerns about his health. He approached the ghost calmly, like he did everything, and though Ivy was a little worried, she was inwardly beaming that he had said 'our'.

She set her shoulders and started focusing on the battle then, pushing all other thoughts aside. She was going to have to really pay attention to avoid Haji getting hurt. She hadn't had a lot of time to train with him yet, so she wasn't completely comfortable with giving him orders when she didn't really know what he could do. She liked to give her partners a little free rein anyway, so it would probably be fine. He may not have many extra moves taught to him, but she knew that what he already learned was impressive. He was nowhere near incapable.

There were actually a lot of things they could do if she thought about it. Haji was a good team player, and they could help out Chainy if he decided to battle. Espeon aslo had an interesting ability called Synchronize that could cause the same status effect to be copied to an enemy when inflicted. Since fire Pokémon were noted for being able to burn others, this could be useful. Then again, a lot of fire types had the ability to power up using fire, so they would have to be careful and take note of which one the Litwick had. Though she looked small and harmless, Ivy didn't doubt the wild Pokémon would put up a tough fight.

They would also have to watch the sunlight. Fire moves powered up in sun, and even though Haji knew how to manipulate the flames too, it wasn't going to help them here. It would come in handy if he needed to heal though, as the Espeon was able to convert sunlight into energy used to restore himself.

Ivy took in the surroundings as she debated what to do. She wondered what Haji thought of this, and then lamented the fact that they weren't that close. Part of the beauty of having a Psychic type was that you could plan and strategize without ever having to say a word out loud. Then again, since this was a team expedition, it was probably best to speak out loud so Chainy and Buzz knew what was going on. If she couldn't talk to Haji, she could probably forget talking to Dual or River.

The ground was littered with dust and rocks, as expected. Haji only had one attack that would be really effective against this ghost, but Shadow Ball took some time to charge up, and Litwick would be able to see that coming from a mile away, even though she only had one eye visible....

And then it hit her. Haji's psychic powers let him move objects with his mind, and if they didn't have a lot of moves that would be super effective, they would just improvise. She grinned as she started getting into the battle.

“Alright, Haji, let's not use your Shadow Ball just yet. Instead, try to stay in Litwick's blind side.” Her right eye was covered by the wax shape. “Fire types are weak to rock, so let's put some of these surroundings to good use. Keep your distance, and try to run around her on her right side. Then, when you have a clear shot, use your Psychic to kick up some of these smaller rocks towards her top. Maybe we can shrink that flame a little. Hopefully she won't catch the incoming attack in her blind spot. You can do this!” she cheered. “We'll have to be ready if Chainy needs help too.”

If all went according to plan, they would be able to get some damage on the ghost without doing anything serious. She wasn't sure if Litwick's flame indicated strength and weakness like a Charmander's did, but they were going to try to find out. Anything that made Litwick able to hit Haji less was what they were aiming for. Using smaller rocks would conserve a bit of Haji's energy too, and since he liked to keep his distance when attacking, it left him room to maneuver if the Litwick retaliated. Haji was pretty good at dodging, so she'd leave that part for him. She knew he could.

She glanced over to Chainy, wanting to keep an eye on him too. Her hand still hovered somewhere near the pocket containing Haxbat, but if she didn't need to battle both Pokémon at once, she would save him. It all depended on what Chainy did.

Her eyes swapped between the two groups, and she silently cheered Haji on in her mind.

I know you can do this.


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