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OOC: You just completely invalidated my Voice Disk -.-


Soon after we arrived, an orb of pink light exploded into existence. It opened up in a strange un-curling kind of way, somewhat reminiscent of the death animation of Pacman. Just like I was expecting, it was Buzz and River Tam. Buzz stepped calmly out of the air, and River swooped around a few times before landing on Buzz's shoulder. I could feel Dual send quick telepathic greeting to River, and I also felt her return it - Psychic Pokemon often communicated through quick "pings" of thought as opposed to long trails of conversation. When I had tried to explain it to one of the new Rangers, I compared it to the way computers communicated, through quick bursts of thought as opposed to long streams. I wasn't particularly proficient at this kind of communication, but I was the best Ranger I knew of at it, considering I'd been bonded with Dual longer than any of the other Rangers had been with their respective Psychic-types.

"Haha, typical woman. Three hours just to get stuff ready," Buzz laughed. "I wonder how she is going to get here. I heard she got herself a new Psychic-type, such a copycat."

"Well, they certainly help out a lot," I replied, shooting a quick look at Dual, who was cracking his neck.

Buzz grunted and waved me off. I thought we were going to have to endure an uncomfortable silence, but Ivy chose that moment to appear. Unlike Dual's blue-burst-style Teleport, and River's pink-orb-style, Espeon's teleport reminded me of the heat waves that rise off of cement roads on really hot days. The waves started small, but then grew until they were twice a person's size. After about ten seconds of watching the almost-invisible waves dance, Ivy casually stepped out of them, using her arm to push them aside like she would a curtain. Her Espeon was at her side, following her calmly. Again, I felt Dual ping him and receive a quick response. This greeting was different to the one with River, though. Dual's eyes narrowed curiously, but he didn't say anything.

"Well, now that she's here, lets get going. Apparently there have been some sightings of poachers around here, and I am fairly certain they could be linked with the situation I witnessed when I was escorting Jathan around the Park. You both remember what was going on with the power surges. River told you it was a hurt Zapdos. It was quite blatantly a bullet hole."

The corner of my mouth automatically curled downwards at the thought. I had actually seen it - Dual had been on that expedition with Jathan, and even though he hadn't been out of his Poke Ball at the time he'd reviewed Jathan's memories and shared them with me later. I agreed with Buzz - it was definitely a bullet hole.

Buzz filled us in on the exact details as we began to walk towards Mt Deckbi, the largest mountain in the Deckbi Ranges. I noticed that Dual was watching Ivy and Espeon carefully, but made nothing of it. He was probably just curious about Espeon - despite his serious demeanor, he was actually quiet curious, and even affectionate and protective when the time was right. I quite clearly remembered the time he had fried Buzz's computer when the bastard had distributed a picture of me from when I was young. I shuddered as I remembered the header line: "Subject: Wow, Chainy really IS full of crap."

It was only early yet, so the heat wasn't particularly unbearable. It was just a tad warmer than I liked it to be. I followed Buzz quietly, just enjoying the walk. Ever since being promoted to Elite Ranger, I hadn't had much time to just get out and enjoy myself. I was still a little confused as to why I was here at all - maybe Boss-sama wanted a high-ranking Ranger present in case Buzz did come across some poachers.

After a few minutes of relative silence - each Ranger was probably communicating with their own Pokemon or something - I suddenly heard the roar of sudden fire expansion, and saw a huge flame rear up at the base of the mountain. Buzz broke into a run to see what it was, and I followed suit. We soon found out - a Rapidash was breathing huge streams of fire at a small Litwick.

<Why do you think the four-legs is trying to burn the Ghost-type?> Dual asked me, sounding somewhat confused.

I'd researched them - being Ghost-typed, I wasn't sure why they were found here in the Deckbi Ranges as opposed to in Meteor Valley, so I had done some research on them. To my knowledge, excluding aquatic Pokemon, the only other Ghost-type found outside Meteor Valley was Rotom, and that made sense taking into consideration its ability to change Formes. Perhaps the Litwick just really liked the heat.

Well, one ability that Litwick can have is Flash Fire, I mused through our mental connection, so maybe this is some form of training.

Dual nodded. If there was one thing that made sense to him, it was training.

"I guess this is the part where I ask you if you want to battle these two?" Buzz said, breaking the silence. The two Pokemon heard this, and stopped their mock battle to look over at us. The Rapidash cantered a little closer, moving towards me. It snorted, and then reared into the air, challenging me.

I wasn't particularly impressed. It was true I had come here looking for a Ponyta, but that was so Jathan could try raising and breeding them. Ponyta were one of the easier Fire-types to get along with. This Rapidash certainly didn't look like a particularly tame one. In addition to this, I preferred to raise my own Pokemon, and this Rapidash looked almost full-grown. I shot Ivy a look of jealousy - Litwick were very popular Pokemon back on the mainland - they evolved into the immensely powerful Chandelure. They were one of the Pokemon I had come here looking for, but I was pleased to just witness the little Candle Pokemon.

I decided that I could quite happily move on without the Rapidash, but if Ivy wanted to try and capture the Litwick I'd help her out by taking on the Rapidash, and if it got into capture range I might as well toss a ball at it. I held my hand over Smash's Pokeball - if Ivy wanted to battle, he'd be the Pokemon I would choose. Neither Dual nor Joey's secondary type of Fighting would be advantageous against the Litwick's Ghost type.
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