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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP

"wait with the sandstorm problem how come we cant just use hail, Rain dance, or sunny day to make it disappear?" I said. Then i looked over at the tortera i could tell that he was still angery for thinking that he was a clone. then a shadow of a pokemon landed nere the door "Because this is a natural sandstorm not a Pokemon or human made one it is to strong trust me i tried with my trainer before he made me forget it." it said. "HOW IN THE FREAKING WORLD DID YOU FIND ME YOU," I started to yell "Because i sent him the latitude and longitude as soon as i remembered him Aqua. you need to control that anger problem that was almost the death of me once." Drake had cut me off. "Now if it was me I would be trying to get the power of the lake for myself." The shadow said. "Oh how silly of me i guess i should introduce myself i am Black" He said and steeped into the light and he was a shadow striped Pokemon. "Normally i would want to kill you for looking like a clone what you a spy as well?" "Silly silly Aqua no i am mearly TRYING to become a spy, the Blazakin that May had is a spy and we saw that Speech we think that he suspected us but i am not sure" Black said "OK well this is the alliance. Oh also do you know what happned to the other pokemon may had?" "I am sorry bud all dead, Mewtwo killed them I am sorry. BUT I do have there poketech's thou they might me useful if the future" He said.

I looked out into the sandstorm with eyes of dispare, i could not beleve that they were dead "I have to go out for a bit... if any of you have a problem with that, or me" I looked at the tortera "feel free to follow me if you want a fight but if not i would suggest you say away for a bit i need to be alone for a bit..." I started to walk out into the sandstorm "i am heading to the back of the base and then who knows where, drake keep an eye on my vitals over the poketech if i get know what to do" i said. Then i started to walk out of the base...
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