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Default Pokemon Board Game Version 1.2!

I am reinforcing this game because I should of not become inactive when it was running. The first 2 boards will be the same and here they are:

Welcome Pokemon Trainers. You're about to access a journy around the Kanto region with your very own starter Pokemon. However, this is a catch. The trainers will be small sized counters that will be traveling on a board version of each Pokemon Kanto route, town, and even caves. Each trainer will be battling it out on each board to gain these Emblems:

All players start at Pallet Town outside the hero's house on the red, blue, green, and yellow spaces. Then all roll 2, 6-sided dices to move around the board in anyway they like. (Except Diagonally) Trainers can land in Grassy areas where wild Pokemon could jump out, even battle other Pokemon trainers who are on that board, and even collect various items found on the board. All trainers must head towards Pokemon Gyms for Badges, because they obtain them more Emblems.


Complete a Mission on the Mission Board to obtain 1 Emblem
Defeat the most Pokemon Trainers on this board to obtain 2 Emblems
Capture the most Pokemon on that board to obtain 1 Emblem
Level up your Pokemon the most to obtain 1 Emblem
Once a player/all players complete Mission 1 on the Mission board, the other missions on that board are now ignored, and carry on to the next board. (This varies on missions)
Many More ways too!

Encountering Wild Pokemon

When you land on a grass, ocean, or cave spot on the board, an outside dice will be rolled. It's a 65% chance you'll get a Wild Pokemon, but you don't know what Pokemon it will be in those areas, and how strong it is! You can capture these Pokemon if you have a type of Pokeball, however weakening a Pokemon first will help you capture that Pokemon more easily.

Trainer/Gym Battles

If a Trainer spots you on the board, they will immediately challenge you to battle. You will battle that trainer until there is a winner, whilst doing this other players can move around the board in the time it takes to win the battle. If you win this battle, you obtain a prize sum or money. If unfortunately, you lose. You will be transported to a Pokemon Center, or at the beginning of the current board. Your Pokemon will be healed for you to excel. If you defeat a Trainer on the board, that Trainer will not want to battle anyone else on that board they encounter.

If you challenge a Gym Leader, you must defeat them in the same way as a normal trainer battle. You will win an Emblem(s) for defeating a Gym Leader, a large sum of money, and Technical Machine to teach a move to your Pokemon.

Pokemon Moves

A Pokemon gets a default moveset depending on there level. They have all been edited for this game to make the flow quicker, and easier to understand for the game master.

Pokemon Abilities

Pokemon Abilities are the same as in the games, however its random what ability a Wild Pokemon/Captured Pokemon may obtain... until later on in the game.

Leveling-Up Pokemon

A Pokemon needs to win a Battle to gain Experience Points or EXP for short. For example, in this Board Game a Level 5 Pikachu needs to gain 10 EXP to grow to Level 6. If a Pokemon, would learn a new move by growing to a Level, the Game Master will tell you, and therefore you must delete another move if your Pokemon knows 4 moves already.

A Pokemon that Levels up also gains some additional HP, however since this game is different Pokemon do not obtain extra Attack/Defense points. Speed of attacking Pokemon are done by Base stats to see who will attack first.

So even a Caterpie may be able to beat a Sandslash for example!

Evolving Pokemon

To evolve a Pokemon, you need to train it to a certain level. For example, Bulbasaur needs to be at L16 to evolve to Ivysaur. This is optional if you would like to do this or not. A Pokemon can evolve in a middle of a battle, as long as its a Leveling-up evolution.

To evolve a Pokemon with evolution stones, you must find that stone, or buy that stone from somewhere in certain boards.

To evolve a Pokemon who need Happiness. Level them up to Level 20 to evolve them, if they require further evolution to evolve by Happiness it has to grow to Level 30.

To evolve a Pokemon who needs to be traded, they need to be trained to L40 to evolve. (Same with items tradeables)

To evolve a Pokemon who needs a stone, you have to find/buy one.

To evolve a Pokemon who needs a certain location, level them up to L40 to evolve.

To evolve a Pokemon who needs a certain move, level them up to L30 to evolve.

Pokemon Centers

You can enter a Pokemon Center to recover your Pokemon's Hit Points (HP) to full health. This is free. You get transported to this place if all your Pokemon FNT. You can withdraw, or deposit Pokemon in your PC. That's if you have more than 6 Pokemon. You can also Trade Pokemon at the Pokemon Center, only if another player on the board is at the Pokemon Center. No players can trade their Starter Pokemon.


A player can go here to buy items, Pokeballs, TM's, and etc for their journies. Sometimes, buying alot of Potions, and Status Healing items are a good idea. They cost you in money, but it might be worth it. A Trainer can also sell some of there belongings to a Pokemart.

Talking to Bystanders

Just simply move your counter next to them, which has to be adjacently 1 space away from them. Simply post saying I would like to Talk to this person. I will post back saying they said in the between turns part.

Picking-Up Items

If you find a random Pokeball on the floor just walk up next to it and post saying Pick-Up the item or something like that. Then on the between turns part, the Gamemaster will say what item you picked up, and then you keep hold of it.

Special Events

Sometimes between turns of walking around the board, something unexpected may happen that needs sorting out. The amount of Emblems for the first trainer to sort this problem is random. Max of 3 Emblems are up for grabs.

Dice Rolls

A player rolls 2, 6-sided dice outside the game and post in the thread saying where they would like to move. For example, I rolled a 5 altogether. I'd simply say: I would like to Move Down 3 spaces, and Right 2 spaces. (The right is your right when you look at the board)

Inside buildings you may only roll 1 dice, and its simply the same aspect as above.

Status Problems

When moving around the board, all Pokemon keep their Status Problems. However, after moving when you have a Poisoned Pokemon in your party, they take 2 damage.

Using Items

A player can use an item during their turn. Then move on with their Dice Roll.

Battling, and Moving

When a Player battles a Trainer on the Board. The Player sends out a Pokemon, and then chooses 5 moves they would like to use. (This is so it speeds up the battle) If for example, I had my Rattata out at L7 against a Pidgey L5. I would state my Pokemon, and moves:

Rattata, use Quick Attack, Tail Whip, Tail Whip, Tackle, and then Quick Attack! If this would Knock Out Pidgey after the 3rd move, the next Pokemon would be sent out, and you redo this process. Remember, though the other trainers also do this. Then it swaps goes at the same time.

Doing this counts as 1 turn on the board, so after 5 moves, or when a Pokemon is Knocked Out. The other players still roll a dice to continue.

When Battling a Wild Pokemon, you still select 5 moves. However, a move can be "Runaway" or "Throw Pokeball" For example, a Wild L4 Caterpie appears. I send out my Rattata again.

Rattata, use Tackle, Quick Attack, Go Pokeball, if Fail another, if Fail Tackle.

Something like that. However, if a Pokemon is paralyzed, frozen, or sleeping. They remain that way until the end of your 5 moves. A move can also be the use of an item such as a Potion.

That's the Basics for now, what I am looking for is 4 active players. I will be your guide, and gamemaster for you. I'll edit the board from where you move to and so forth. I'll also be controlling Pokemon Trainers/Wild Pokemon/Gym Leaders. But I will be doing there moves randomly.

Hidden Machines (HMs)

You will need these moves taught to a Pokemon to proceed to certain areas in certain boards. Using a HM takes up your turn completely.

HM01 - Cut: This move will let you cut through small trees that block your way.
HM02 - Fly: This move will let you Fly to the nearest Pokemon Center or Pokemart on that board. (If any of course) Only 1 use per board.
HM03 - Surf: Allows you to move across water.
HM04 - Strength: Moves along boulders that block the way.
HM05 - Flash: Allows you to see in the Dark.
HM06 - Rock Smash: Breaks small rocks on the spot, Wild Pokemon may jump out.
HM07 - Waterfall: Immediately takes you up Waterfalls.
HM08 - Whirlpool: Allows you to cross Whirlpools
HM09 - Defog: Removes deep fog that blocks the path.
HM10 - Rock Climb: Climbs up rocky paths.
HM11 - Dive: Dives down under the water in deep areas.

Moves that can be used outside of Battles

These also take up a turn.

Sweet Scent - When in grass, on water, or in caves. Using this automatically grabs a wild Pokemon at random for Inbetween turns.
Dig - Burrows underground to last Pokemon Center, or beginning of the Map.
Teleport - Teleports a Trainer to the last Pokemon Center, or beginning of the Map.
Softboiled - Recovers HP of other Pokemon in your Party by reducing the Softboiled's HP.
Milk Drink - Recovers HP of other Pokemon in your Party by reducing the Milk Drink's HP
Headbutt - Headbutt Trees to see if a Wild Pokemon, or Item drops out.
Aromatharopy - Recovers a Party Pokemon's Status Problem.
Heal Bell - Recovers a Party Pokemon's Status Problem.
Payday - Pick up $50 after a Battle when used inside Battles
Secret Power - Use next to a Tree to see if a Wild Pokemon, or Items drops from the tree.

Between Turns

This Scenario will simply be a little news read of what happened this turn, and how you will react next turn. For example:

Trainer A encounters a Wild Female Rattata at Level 3
Trainer B talks to Women in Pallet Town
Trainer C captures a Wild Pidgey at Level 2, and their Charmander takes damage to Poison 6/10 HP remaining.
Trainer D has no comments.

Also will be your current Emblems, Pokemon, Money, Items, EXP Points, and Movesets for each of your party Pokemon. There will also be a Post at the beginning of the Roleplay Boardgame of the Pokemon Computer where you deposit Pokemon etc.

Sign Up Form

Pokemon Counter:

Remember only the first 4 players that are approved are allowed to enter the Board Game. However, when moving on to a new Region it will be reopened or when I decide you may enter who knows. :)

Pokemon Counters to choose from:

It's first come, first serve who gets to be which character. These will be their icon versions to represent you on the board itself. There's 5 Males, and 5 Females so their is no sexism between trainers. First 4 Trainers will get to play into the first story part. But the other reserves will be phased in eventually so be patient.

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