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Default Re: Pokemon: Uprise of the Legendaries

*Meanwhile near the Indigo Plato ~ The sudden effects in the weather had been changing in the this area aswell... people did not know what do think as various nature hazards were being created, and the peacefull society that had been built was now beeing thrown into chaos...

A thunderstorm had been brewing this day, and suddenly a lightning bolt hit hit a tree in the forest, as it started to create a forest fire.... but then it started to rain putting this same fire out... it seemed that that changes were becoming more hostile and quick...

As well the constant raining drew some pokemon from their regular habitats... in perticular a certain Aggron had came down from its mountain, and had run a muk in the city below... News reporters had more then enough stories, and told everyone to stay indoors.... most listened except for the advernturers who seeked this oppertunity to catch rare pokemon that had come out of hiding...

As the Aggron was tearing through town it reached a dam that so far had been holding the town from a flood... the Aggron then opened its mouth "AAarrrr!!!" A shining beam was then released from the monster which headed straight for the dam...

then suddenly a voice was heard, "Dragonite! Hyper Beam!" and with that another hyper beam collided with the last which created a mid-air explosion*

(Lance) Aggron! Go back to your mountain! I cant let you destroy this city!

*The Aggron did not look like it was having a turn of heart*
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