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Default Re: Individual RP: Stinky

Durant flailed about unhappily, and began to shoot off bright green blasts of light that bounced off of Bronzong's blue shiny exterior, failing to do much damage at all. Bronzong just floated on, oblivious to the ant's attack. Durant stared at the Bronze Bell Pokemon as it approached, frozen with fear. Bronzong positioned itself carefully above Durant's wounded abdomen, and dropped to the ground, right on top of Durant's backside. Durant let out an intense scream of pain- Bronzong had hit it right in the sore spot. Bronzong slowly levitated back up, and Durant, wasting no time at all, scuttled off towards the hole it had previously dug. It seemed very rattled- I think I had pushed the poor thing over the edge. I knew that I couldn't let it escape back into the hole- if it rested again, we would have to repeat this whole process over again. I glanced at my ranger, and saw that he was worried- probably that I would accidentally defeat the Durant. My mind searched quickly for a solution to the problem we were facing.

"Bronzong, use Psychic to try to slow down or stop the Durant! Don't make it strong though- we want to keep it alive," I ordered. Durant's movements were slowed by its paralysis, but if I faltered for too long, I risked it getting away- this attack would hopefully buy me some more time to find the Hyper Ball in my bag. Bronzong acknowledged my order, and its body began to glow with a purple aura. It gazed at Durant, squinting its crimson eyes a little bit- it was trying extra hard to please me, which made me smile a little bit. I saw Durant began to glow purple- hopefully this meant that the attack was working. I turned around and began to fumble in my bag for a ball- where was it? I pushed back tons of normal Park Balls, multiple cans of Repellant, and a voice disk. Why were they at the bottom? With a mental note to myself to organize my bag soon, I grabbed a purple ball with a plain white 'H' inscribed in the lid. I grabbed it, and turned back towards the battle. I flung my arm forward, letting the ball go as my arm reached the furthest away from me that it would get. The Hyper Ball whizzed through the air, past Bronzong, and right at the steel ant.

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