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Default Hidden Power Centre [Opening Discount]

Hidden Power Centre

Note: Discounts will remain active for 5 customers

Welcome to the Hidden Power Centre. Here we unleash the hidden potential of your Pokemon in which ways you desire. We cover extensive training periods and do our best to work with your Pokemon. We look at each Pokemon individually and depending on the Pokemon, and depending on what you wish to have brought out in your Pokemon, depend on the time he or she stays in the HPC. This also brings about the cost of your lessons, as they pertain to the individual as well.

We evaluate each Pokemon individually, not based on evolution line or anything else, just as the Pokemon is. Here you may select which Hidden Power type you may wish for it to learn. If you wish to take on lessons to improve the base power, prices will be listed below in lessons to be taken AFTER your Pokemon has learned itís Hidden Power move.

Now, when we evaluate a Pokemon, we examine itís Move Aptitude. This means we look at the type of Hidden Power you want, then examine what types of moves the Pokemon you are leaving with us can learn, and how many of which type in comparison to your Hidden Power choice.


Croagunk [M]
Ability: Dry Skin
Sig Move: None

To be taught: Hidden Power Dark type please!

Since Crogunk can learn about 15 dark type moves on itís own, therefore, a Move Aptitude of 9 or more. Teaching Croagunk Dark type Hidden Power is fairly easy, and wonít cost as much. Also, it will take less time for it to learn it, therefore, less time away from you.

On the flip side, here is another example:

Quagsire [F]
Ability: Water Absorb
Sig Move: None

To be taught: Hidden Power Fire type please!

Quagsire has no Fire type moves it can learn, so it has a Move Aptitude of 0 It will take a much longer time to teach it Fire Type Hidden Power, and by extension, it will also cost more. Quagsire will have to be left in the HPC for a longer time as well.

HPC Rules:
~Your Pokemon must not be in a battle, Daycare, or any other facility when being put into the HPC.
~You cannot use your Pokemon while in the HPC in battles or any other facility until it has finished itís lessons here.
~If a HPC employee is not here to post the release of a Pokemon that has finished itís lessons after itís time here is done, an ASB staff member may post itís release if a post hasnít been made 24 hours after the specified release date.
~All Pokemon may only learn one type of Hidden Power.
~All transactions must be approved by an HPC employee, and posted in the Bank before lessons can begin.
~Pokemon caught being used outside the HPC while partaking in lessons in the HPC will result in an additional day suspension from your lessons.
~After your Pokemon has completed itís lesson, please then go to the Registration Thread to finalize your Pokemonís newly taught move.

Prices and Time Allotment:

Pokemon aptitude, 0-3 moves of specified type: $15
Time at HPC: 7 Days

Pokemon aptitude, 4-8 moves of specified type: $12
Time at HPC: 5 Days

Pokemon Aptitude, 9 or more moves of specified type: $10
Time at HPC: 3 Days

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