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The Boss had mentioned to her that there had been some poacher sightings on Deckbi lately. She believed it; there were some strange things going on at the mountain, like when she and a Trainer named Axel saw that Groudon was awake and the volcano was a little more active.

Even if not, she had wanted to go see some of the new Pokémon that had started appearing in the Park for some time. She also liked just hanging out with her fellow Rangers. Since she didn't spend a lot of time on the Mainland, they were her only friends, and even though she did like her solitude and the peace and quiet sometimes, it was good to interact once in a while.

Apparently, the Boss wanted them to go check the mountain out now. That was fine with her. Buzz and Chainy were good company. Most of the time.

Buzz told them to hurry and meet them on the mountain after some snarky comments and then stalked off. Chainy whined a little about going to Deckbi, and then rolled his eyes at Buzz when the man departed.

“What, don't you want to go on a run with me?” she asked, grinning. She liked to rile him up a little once in a while.

“It's not that,” he muttered, and when she tried to ask him what it was, he escaped off to the locker rooms in a dash.

Ivy watched him go and then sighed, a slight frown on her face. While it was fun to see him squirm sometimes, lately it had started to bother her a little. It was cool to have fun and not be boring, but she also wanted them to be friends that could rely on each other. She wanted that for all the Rangers so they could be the true team they were. She tried to be nice, sticking up for them and making sure nothing was wrong.

At first she just thought it was because they were new and needed to get used to each other. It had been a while though, so now she just thought that maybe she was doing something wrong.

She had half a mind to ask Dual, his Gallade, about it, but then thought it'd be too much a breech of privacy. It was hard because she thought of Rangers like Buzz and Chainy some of her closest friends, so she wanted them to like her. She had thought at one time Haxbat had been a problem, but he acted a little strange even when the Crobat wasn't around. Maybe she intimidated him or maybe she was just going about something the wrong way. Soemtimes she wondered if she'd ever know.

Ivy trailed back to her office, mindlessly collecting her things for the run. She double checked the pockets in her red canvas vest, brushing it back so the ends trailed near the floor like they were supposed to. She pulled her red wavy hair out of the hood on her black turtleneck and looked around the room one more time, letter her troubles fester in the back of her mind.

“Do not worry. Everything will be fine.” A voice in the back of her mind spoke up, and she turned towards the desk to smile at Haji, her Espeon. She forgot to block her thoughts. She didn't like to trouble him, since sometimes he couldn't help but pick them up, but she was glad he cared enough to comment.

The Psychic cat-like Pokémon jumped off her chair (one of his favorite perches, she found) to come sit in front of her, waiting patiently. The purple creature was a very new addition to her team, and she was doing her best to make him be as comfortable as possible. He didn't ever say much to her. At first she thought it was because everything was new. The pressure on her mind that signalled a psychic connection was more like an awkward Mamoswine in the room than a comfoting presence. He seemed a little more used to things now, so she secretly feared that he didn't really like her.

She made sure to lock that thought up tight so he couldn't get it.

Shaking her head, she smiled at the Espeon again. “Okay, ready to go?”

Haji nodded and the air shimmered around them. The pulling sensation only lasted for a few moments before the looming ashy mountain stood before them. The air wasn't as clean here, but it was nice to be outside all the same. She shook herself off, still not really used to the teleporting. Haji was unaffected, and he stayed quietly by her side while she adjusted.

She saw Buzz, River Tam, Chainy, and Dual up ahead, waiting for her. She was sure they'd have some smart alecky comment about her being a woman and taking too long. The thought was almost enough to make her smile.

Then she remembered she wasn't, and she turned her head for a second while she tried to wipe the frown away. A smile took its place when she turned back, and she made sure to lock up her thoughts tightly as she motioned for the Espeon to follow her over to the group.

She would try to have fun today and not cause any problems, even if she had to fake some of it.


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
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