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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP

OCC: Didn't know Hell was going be a problem my bad.

After hearing The Leaders speak Tank remembered the flash drive he had stolen when he was inside that building.

"Well trying to split an army up that is mind control would be suicide for any Pokemon trying to go in that way." Tank spoke up not sure where he was going with his statement.

"I stole this flash drive from a super computer inside of Mewtwo's Main base I escaped from."Tank said shaking the Drive out of the Trunk of the tree on his back and flinging it onto the table.

"I don't have my full memory back and I don't have any idea why I was in the base and how i found this place but I can tell you all I am not one of those clones." Tank said looking at the Blastoise. Tank had made it up in his mind that to gain the Blastoise's trust he would have to battle with him either side by side or against each other one day.

"Oh and about sandstorms, Ground types can Control that type of stuff without having to know Sandstorm."Tank said looking at few ground and Rock types in the room. Knowing in his mind that if they trained enough they could at least forge a path to some fresh water or build a barrier so that the other types can put up a fight if the clones also found their way to the base.
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