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Originally Posted by Temporal Snake View Post
More like master versus expert, you guys don't give nearly enough credit to China. Sad considering they own most of your country.

Fun fact of the day: military service is compulsory at the age of 18 in China. **** yeah People's Liberation Army.

Might I also remind you that most of Amurica's army are CoD heads, and it's only going to get worse as the older intelligent people die out and are replaced with the brain dead generations of today.

America's army is a well-funded (over-funded, actually) and well-oiled machine. We have troops deployed all over the world because, well, we care and don't like leaving country after country to fall into disarray. And if the United Nations isn't going to do scrap about it, who is?

As for "China owning the United States," they don't. America just owns China a lot of money, which they could pay off through money creation, but the drawback would be some pretty hefty inflation. Rough, but possible. China's economy depends on the United States, and its the reason why they've been emerging as an economic superpower and its the reason why they've been agreeing to invest in America (notice how I said invest, not purchase). They've also been rapidly benefiting from free trade agreements, which if they were to disappear, they would lose an extremely vital economic advantage. And if said free trade agreements were to vanish, companies that practiced globalization would be pushed back to return to their home countries to avoid the new tariffs. Also, most of what China produces are things we just like to have, not things we actually need and depend upon for survival. If things got really ugly, America could easily start manufacturing its own goods. The only reason why companies locate factories over in China is because labor is cheap there, and they don't need to worry about American environmental regulations. Meanwhile, major Chinese cities live in a cesspool of smog, pollution, and other environmental hazards. I'm sure that's not helping their health very much. 16 of the world's 20 most polluted cities are in China. It's not a pretty sight. There's a reason why America has these regulations in place, and its not to annoy companies. It IS a life or death situation.

As for CoD, its a game. Only immature kids that play that game (kids that shouldn't be playing it in the first place) take it literally and believe this is how real wars are fought. I've played four CoD games and I don't act like I know everything about guns, I've never even touched one.

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