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Default Re: Individual RP: Stinky

Togekiss tilted her white wing towards the sky, making her look almost like a white Alolomola. And then, in the blink of an eye, she shot like a bullet straight to her right. The two rocks flew past her and fell to the ground with a thud, missing their target completely. She flattened herself in the air, still speeding along straight towards Durant. She was aiming herself upward, causing her to move in an arc- I presumed that this was to try and confuse Durant. I was right- Durant turned around, unsure of where Togekiss would attack it. Togekiss was aimed right at its backside- and she slammed right into its damaged abdomen. Togekiss had obviously done as we had intended- the electric sparks crawled up and down Durant's body, its metallic armor serving as a conductor for the electricity. Durant let out a loud scream of pain as its muscles cramped up as electricity flowed through them- the monster was paralyzed.

Unfortunately for me, the sparks worked to Durant's advantage as well. The sparks crawled up into its pincers, and I knew what would happen next- Thunder Fang. Togekiss was right in front of Durant. I wanted to clench my eyes shut, not wanting to watch my poor Pokemon get hurt, but I knew I should keep my eyes on the battle. Durant opened its pincers and bit right into Togekiss's wing as she flew by. Togekiss let out a heartbreaking cry as she tried to tear herself from Durant's grasp- but the more she tried to get away, the more it hurt her. Togekiss managed to tear her wing from its fierce pincers, sending a puff of white feathers into the air. She tried to fly away, but her wing was damaged- it looked stiff. She fell straight into the ground, but she knew that she couldn't stay near Durant. She got up amazingly fast, and hobbled towards my ranger and me. "Oh no, it looks like that Thunder Fang attack has paralyzed Togekiss," my ranger remarked.

Salamence trembled as its body was overcome by the electricity that was flowing through it after the combo attack. I grinned. "Great job Togekiss!" I yelled to the dove, who flapped her wings lazily as she floated back towards me. Behind her, I saw Salamence's face turn to one of pure rage- and almost as if by magic, its body stopped convulsing. I gasped- a Lum Berry! How could I not have seen that coming. It roared fiercely, and charged forward into Togekiss, who never saw the attack coming. My heart skipped a beat- how could I have let her let her guard down?! Togekiss let out a bloodcurdling scream of pain as the Salamence used its most powerful attack--Outrage-- on her. Her small body was flung across the arena like it was no more than a football, and she landed a few feet away from me, a large purple bruise developing on her side. She looked up at me, a tear in her eye, and passed out on the ground.

"And Togekiss has FAINTED!" the referee yelled, almost as if to taunt me. How could he be that insensitive when my Pokemon had just been brutally injured? "What is your next Pokemon?" he yelled to me through his megaphone. I looked across the dirty arena to see Salamence stamping its feet angrily- it was still stuck in its Outrage. I knew exactly which Pokemon to use to stop it- a Pokemon that couldn't easily be flung across the arena like my poor Togekiss had been.

My mind jumped back to the present. "Togekiss, get back in your ball, I don't want you getting hurt anymore," I ordered. Togekiss looked grateful for this, and she began to glow red, and then suddenly, she was gone. I reached into my bag, and pulled out a plain Pokeball marked with a small golden bell on the front. I pointed the ball in front of me, and pressed the button. A shape began to materialize in front of me, first glowing red, then after a flash of light, it materialized.

It was a large blue bell. It was a little shorter than me, but it was floating above the ground, so in the end it was about my height. Its hollow body had intricate designs engraved into the shiny blue metal, which made it look like a bell from an ancient civilization. Large red eyes stared out of its front, which made it look sort of like an owl. At the top of its body was a handle- not that it needed it, as this was a bell that would never be rung. It has long blue arms that came down from where the handle met the body. "Zooooong," it tolled, looking at me. In its eyes I could see that it was excited to be getting some time out of its ball.

"Alright Bronzong, we need to keep this Durant alive," I said, pointing to the ant which stared at us from the other side of the battlefield. Bronzong rotated to get a good look at the ant. "We're going to be playing a defensive game from here on out- so why don't we start out by using a Charge Beam on it. Hopefully the electricity will freeze its muscles, so it won't be able to attack." I told Bronzong. Bronzong bobbed up in down in the air, acknowledging my order. It held its two arms out in front of it, and although my view of the attack was obstructed by Bronzong, I had used this attack so many times in my career that I knew exactly what was happening. Bronzong would hold its two arms parallel to each other, and an electric current would begin to flow between them, visible as blue sparks that shot continuously from one to the other, using Bronzong as a circuit. Then Bronzong would force the electricity to flow outwards, straight into Durant.
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