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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP

OOC: Nightshade7382 you messed man. You kinda of teleported there as if no one brought you to are base man also you god modded but, with using no one as a character you must delete that last line or change the post brother you can't control characters or teleport places unless your like a pyschic pokemon with the move teleport but please fix your post.

The Hideout

So I went toward the table where we had came to the table to get ready to eat. It was a low table because some pokemon with four legs had a disadvantage if the table was high. So then Rhy had shouted "hey everyone its dinner time lets go and important talk guys so please I need as much poeple listening as possible." So I went to the table I seen a couple more pokemon go around the table about to listen to Rhy say something very important. "Alright everyone well the situation right now that Mewtwo is trying to take over the this world and other world with his supposelby perfect clones. He is also making a teleporter one of two ways mechanically I guess but that gonna take awhile so I think he wants to use the power of the three lakes to make a teleporter too. So this is ridiculous right now and also he making thousands of clones by the day. So we need to start acting by tomorrow." "Alright guys dinner is made I'm going to put this soup in a bowl and hand it out to everyone." "Thanks for cooking Yanega so please I need people to throw some idea's around." [COLOR="Silver"]"Well Rhy look at this way are operation must be quiet for awhile before we can go loud we don't have the numbers yet so we should do sneaky stuff for one I think we should take a out post first," said Lex the lucario. "Thats a good idea but, which of there post." "Honestly we should hit the mountain range post first guys to get a good look on the land front," exclaimed camerupt. "That would definitely be a great start guys camerupt is right but, there operation are quick so we might actually half to do this soon divide and conquer guys," said Rhy. "Yes your divide and conquer strategy might have to go in affect later though Rhy. I think the mountain base would be a place to definitely start at. Then again we have to stop them from building that new factory for the clones and also stop them from controlling the lakes" blaze had aplied. "Yeah but, Mewtwo knows he would be pushing it by taking the lakes that quick. One because there is one behind us and there a lot of sandstorms here so I doubt and the other one they will be hasty to take beacuse its by the destroyed paradise where they are building the factory. Also they already have one so its like we are down 2 to 1 guys we gotta work but, does anyone have any other idea's" said Rhy.
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