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Default Re: [IA] A Werewolf in Lilycove

> Attempt to pick the lock with your claws.
> If that fails, kick it down.

You take a look at your claws, and then another look at the door. They seem to be curved, which you're fairly sure isn't a good idea for lockpicks, and... well, you don't know how to pick locks. What if you mess up and break them? A second later, you decide to screw that notion. Badasses weren't afraid of breaking a claw. But all of your hard work doesn't amount to an open door, and eventually you are forced to lean back on good ol' brute force. Backing up from the door, you drop into a lowered stance and go hurtling towards the door, hands balled into fists.

This works considerably better.

You find yourself on what was once a settlement, but has clearly not been used in years. The dirt path leading up to the door you were just on is only just visible between the scuffed borders and the grass poking through, and stone plates to your left are all cracked and decayed. You have no doubt that there are small plants and Pokémon lurking in there. Regardless, you have a beautiful view of the ocean in front of you. At least one thing hasn't been broken with time.

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