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Default Re: The Path of Destiny (PG/PG-13)

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Thanks. XD

Yep, but Scytheclaw refuses to have anything to do with them. If they leave him alone, they're fine. But they sort of...don't.
You're welcome! ^^

Too bad they don't get it... "But they sort of...don't." *lol..ed at that*

I shall try!

At the beginning, it was fine for him. XD
Don't try, do it! xD

Yeah, for like three chapters. *doesn't remember exactly how long it was good*

Uh....sort of. XD Though if he wasn't evil, it would be a neutral name. I'm sure "Wildflame", "Blazefang", and even "Stormblade" could sound evil if they were, too. XD

You know like, one minor spoiler. XD
Yep, the character personalities make the names evil or nice...except Bloodscythe...

I shall try!

Okay. I'm excited to see your post!
Don't try, do it! XDDD

Yeah, and I'm excited to make it, except I have to suddenly go for a little while... D:
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