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Default The Item Shop!

The Item Shop!

Welcome to The Item Shop. Great name I know. Your welcome to browse our selection of items to use for your liking, but always remember to pay attention to the rules. Our items aren't just any old junk, they give some special traits to your Pokemon. Remember to visit us again because new items may be added.

- Follow all PE2K rules.
- These items can be blocked as part of the battle, so watch for it when battling.
-Once an item is bought, it can not be applied to a Pokemon currently in battle/zone.
- If the Pokemon that has the item applied to it, is currently in a battle the item can not be taken off till the end of the battle.
- Only one item can be used for a Pokemon per battle.
- Items are up to creative use by refs. (Examples: What if your Pokemon's headphones fall out because of a blow? Can the poison bur stick to a Pokemon with scales?)
- Remember to always post in the Bank thread when you buy something.
- The bought item can't be used till it is approved by a staff member or me on this thread.
- One time use items can be only used for one battle.
- Failure to follow may result in a penalty or warning.
- If you have suggestions for an item, don't post them on the board. PM them.

Using Items
Once the item is purchased, put it in a section of your trainer stats. This allows better track of the items you have bought. After doing so the item is in your possession. At the beginning of a battle when sending out your Pokemon, you will also state that is is holding the item with it.
Go Turf!

Item: Poison Bur

Checking Out
Here is the proper technique for checking out.
I would like _______, please.
$Bank Amount - $Item Cost = $New Amount
If you post that or something similar, you will be approved soon after posting.

One Time Use
These items are used once at the beginning of a battle. They last for the length of the battle, then are gone when the battle ends. One item per Pokemon per battle. These items come in packs allowing you multiple uses per item (shown by x#).

Red Face Paint (x5) [$15]
Red paint that make the Pokemon feel like a warrior. Possible Side Effects.
[+ 1 ATK; 40% chance of a random status effect]

Green Face Paint (x5) [$15]
Green paint that make the Pokemon prepared. Possible Side Effects.
[+ 1 DEF; 40% chance of a random status effect]

Yellow Face Paint (x5) [$15]
Yellow paint that boosts the Pokemon's confidence. Possible Side Effects.
[+ 1 SPATK; 40% chance of a random status effect]

Blue Face Paint (x5) [$15]
Blue paint that focuses the Pokemon's mind. Possible Side Effects.
[+ 1 SPDEF; 40% chance of a random status effect]

Black Face Paint (x5) [$15]
Black paint that energies the Pokemon. Possible Side Effects.
[+ 1 SPD; 40% chance of a random status effect]

Glittery Face Paint (x5) [$15]
Glittery Paint that strengthens the Pokemon. Possible Side Effects.
[+ 1 EXP; 40% chance of a random status effect]

Poison Bur (x5) [$10]
A sharp purple bur that is filled with poison. Don't touch!
[Whichever Pokemon this is attached to is under the effects of poison. It is transferred between Pokemon by physical contact.]

Bright Bow (x3) [$15]
This beautiful bow will make any female Pokemon look beautiful.
[If the male opponent is infatuated, the likelihood of them not attacking due to infatuation is increased by 10%]

Bow Tie (x3) [$15]
A sharp bow tie that will make any male Pokemon look handsome.
[If the female opponent is infatuated, the likelihood of them not attacking due to infatuation is increased by 10%]

Contacts (x3) [$15]
Wait! How do I know if these are the correct prescription?
[Wearing these increases all moves accuracies by 10%]

Balloon (x8) [$10]
Comes in variety of colors. Some inflation required.
[Makes the Pokemon airborne, giving it a resistance to ground attacks. The balloon is fragile though and can be popped.]

Head Phones (x5) [$15]
Wait, how do I put these on my Magnezone?
[+1 STAT; Pokemon may ignore trainers orders [30%]]
Stat depends on type of music. Only one playlist can be used per Head Phones. Ex. You would buy "Rock Headphones"
+ Rock +1 ATK
+ Country +1 DEF
+ Electronic +1 SPATK
+ Classical +1 SPDEF
+ Pop +1 SPD

Unlimited Use
These items can be kept forever, and don't go away.

Boxing Gloves [$40]
We are not responsible for injuries sustained with these gloves.
[Increase the power of "punching" moves by 20 BP. Check spoiler for moves]
Bullet Punch, Comet Punch, Dizzy Punch, Drain Punch, Dynamic Punch, Fire Punch, Focus Punch, Hammer Arm, Ice Punch, Mach Punch, Mega Punch, Meteor Mash, Rock Smash, Shadow Punch, Thunder Punch

Fake Fangs [$40]
Do they glow in the dark?
[Increase the power of "biting" moves by 20 BP. Check spoiler for moves]
Bite, Bug Bite, Crunch, Fire Fang, Hyper Fang, Ice Fang, Poison Fang, Thunder Fang

Microphone [$40]
Please. Only use this if you can actually sing.
[Increases the power of "sound" moves by 20 BP or if it does not cause damage 20 ACC. Check spoiler for moves]
Relic Song, Snarl, Bug Buzz, Chatter, Echoed Voice, Grasswhistle, Hyper Voice, Metal Sound, Screech, Sing, Round, Snore, Super Sonic, Uproar

Scope Lens [$40]
You look like a high tech spy to me.
[Increases the power of "beam" moves by 20 BP. Check spoiler for moves]
Aurora Beam, Bubble Beam, Charge Beam, Hyper Beam, Ice Beam, Psybeam, Signal Beam, Solarbeam, Techno Buster, Tri Attack

Sun Charm Necklace [$40]
It reflects the sun like a prism.
[The Pokemon wearing this charm receives all effects as if sunny day were in play. Attacks that target this Pokemon are not affected by the charm.]

Rain Drop Necklace [$40]
It always feels wet.
[The Pokemon wearing this charm receives all effects as if rain were in play. Attacks that target this Pokemon are not affected by the charm.]

Daisy Chain Crown [$40]
The daisies never die or droop.
[Raises User's Grass Attacks by 20 BP]

Taped Glasses [$40]
If you get made fun of wearing these, zap the bullies with Psychic.
[Raises User's Psychic Attacks by 20 BP]

Dark Sun Glasses [$40]
You can see through them, but no one can see your eyes.
[Raises User's Dark Attacks by 20 BP]

Soccer Cleats [$40]
Those spikes hurt if your Pokemon steps on your toe.
[Raises User's Ground Attacks by 20 BP]

Ski Cap [$40]
The ear tassels are so fun. :D
[Raises User's Ice Attacks by 20 BP]

Sharp Tooth Necklace [$40]
These teeth were found in a dark cave, where more seem to appear each day.
[Raises User's Dragon Attacks by 20 BP]

Wrist Watch [$40]
Now, your always going to be on time.
[Raises User's Normal Attacks by 20 BP]

Magnetic Band [$40]
Help, my Pokemon is stuck to the refrigerator.
[Raises User's Electric Attacks by 20 BP]

Purple Scarf [$40]
It sound normal, until you see we found it in the dumpster.
[Raises User's Poison Attacks by 20 BP]

Winner's Medal [$40]
1st Place. You are a winner.
[Raises User's Fighting Attacks by 20 BP]

Charcoal Necklace [$40]
Be wary. It may ignite without warning.
[Raises User's Fire Attacks by 20 BP]

Stone Earring [$40]
A rock that stabs in your skin. What fun!
[Raises User's Rock Attacks by 20 BP]

Flight Goggles [$40]
You look like a pilot ready to fly.
[Raises User's Flying Attacks by 20 BP]

Metal Band [$40]
Once clamped on, the metal seems to shine.
[Raises User's Steel Attacks by 20 BP]

Charmed Spell Tag [$40]
The writing on it, you can't understand, it looks like scribbles.
[Raises User's Ghost Attacks by 20 BP]

Swim Goggles [$40]
Chlorine and Salt hurt the eyes, protect them.
[Raises User's Water Attacks by 20 BP]

Antenna Headband [$40]
Awww... The little antenna are springs and they bounce around.
[Raises User's Bug Attacks by 20 BP]

These items are used once. One they are consumed they are gone. Visit Grandma's Garden to grow any berries you may buy or receive.
Options: Attach at the beginning of the battle or feed to pokemon for one action.


Cheri Berry
[Cures Paralysis]

Chesto Berry
[Cures Sleep]

Pecha Berry
[Cures Poison]

Rawst Berry
[Cures Burn]

Aspear Berry
[Cures Freeze]

Persim Berry
[Cures Confusion]


Oran Berry
[Heals 10 Health when the holders HP falls below 35]

Leppa Berry
[Heals 10 Energy when the holder HP falls below 35]


Lum Berry
[Cures any Status Ailment]

Sitrus Berry
[Heals 10 Health and 10 Energy when one falls below 35]

The next 4 costumers get a 25% off coupon.


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