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The war in Iraq was a real war, now don't say it's not. The US dragged the UK into it because Bush didn't like Saddam. I know several soldiers who fought in Iraq and also I know several that died because of Bush dragging us into it. Only one of my friends that died in Iraq was killed by the hostiles, the rest were killed by American friendly fire.

The war in Afghanistan is also a real war, and it's a war which the US CANNOT win. How long have you guys been trying to find Osama, and he's hiding in a cave!!

Political or not, the US couldn't beat Vietnam.

Oh, and saying that China would lose is STUPID. China have a MUCH larger military force than the US. If we took into account all the countries that would support China, and all the countries that would support the US, the US would lose.

The UK would be the most likely to support the US, but against countries such as Russia,China and so on the UK wouldn't really get involved...
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