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Default Re: Buzzer's PE2K Ref log (BMG = Fail)

Battle 469
Items off
SLP/FRZ/OHKO/ clauses on
Normal Weather/Normal Terrain

Morru Magnum vs Buoyysel

Morru: Archeops, Dragonite, Gyarados, Houndoom
Buoyysel: Garchomp, Croconaw, Grumpig, Chimecho

Archeops Dragon Tailed away Chomp, forcing Croconaw. Dragonite came in throwing ThunderPunches. Garchomp returned with Dragon Rush to kill the Dragonite. Gyarados set up a DragonDance and destroyed Garchomp, Grumpig and did some damage to Chimecho before being Hypnotised. Houndoom switched in and finished up.

Morru: $1500
Buoyysel: $750
I ref - $2000

Current Wages = $13500
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