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The War of 1812 was actually a draw. Neither side was able to gain and hold any ground on each other. If you want to look at it technically, yes, the British won, but only insofar as the Americans didn't achieve their initial military goals of ending British Impressment, which was actually a political failure, and capturing territory in Canada. However, in terms of toe-to-toe military conflict, the two sides were about equal, with the US only losing more troops because of their far more aggressive approach.
I disagree, when British soldiers are eating out of the Presidential plates in the White House and are setting fire to the capital, I think it's fair to say that the US lost. Britain ended the war because it wanted to focus its attention on Napoleon, not because it couldn't continue the war with the US.

In short, numbers are helpful, but against a smarter, more skillful opponent in the right conditions, it's essentially a Zerg Rush. Even if you win, the victory will be Pyrrhic, because your losses are going to be 2, 3, 4 to one, depending on the discrepancy. And unlike in a Zerg Rush, you haven't just thrown away a large number of easily replaceable packets of data, you've just sent hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands of people to their deaths. Morale will inevitably plummet, and the people will riot because for every person who dies at war, there are at least 2-3 family members ready to tear some heads off, and don't expect them to blame the other side, especially if you are the instigator of the war.
Depends, the Soviets pretty much resorted to Zerg rushing the Germans, and it worked pretty well for them. Of course, it helped that political dissidents were either killed or sent to Siberia. Your main point though, is still correct: numbers aren't the only thing that matter.

In the case of our scenario, no army in the world can fight a major land war against the US and be able to use their numbers, superior or not. It doesn't matter how many soldiers they have, whenever they show their faces in numbers they will be bombed into oblivion since the US is guaranteed to have aerial superiority. (to continue with the game analogy, Zerg rushing doesn't work if the enemy has Battlecruisers) As long as the US isn't being too picky about collateral damage (giving the assumptions we are making that are required for the US to go to war with any major power, I think that's not too unfair an assumption), no army will actually be able to engage American forces in a head-to-head situation where superior numbers can be used to their full potential. The only way to counter an enemy's air superiority is to disperse your army, which nullifies any number advantage.

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