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Default Re: The Path of Destiny (PG/PG-13)

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
That would be awkward, even if she did look like a normal growlithe. XD

Well, if you remember, tell me!

Thanks! I'm glad it did. Oh, okay. XD

Yes, it does!
Yes, it would. xD

I probably already remembered, just I don't know which idea it was, so I don't know. You know? xD That made half sense...

Yeah, I like it when things turn out differently than you expect when I read, so I tried to put that in my writing.

Well, it's kind of bad for Snow's group too. XD But yeah, that does make things a lot harder for Scytheclaw.

Spark: *dramatic NO*
Yes, I like stories like that too, and you've done a good job with it, especially in recent chapters. ^^

I suppose it is. XD

*0o at Spark's dramatic NO* XDDD

That would be quite interesting...another funny thing to draw if I ever get over that stupid artist block. DX

At this point, it isn't good for Stormblade. D:
Yea! *encourages you to get over artist's block*

At every point, it hasn't been good for Stormblade. xD

*Scy is even more confused*

XD That's actually the way Cyclone got his name...but without the 'evil' part. He just wanted something that fit him more than the name his trainer gave him. Doesn't really sound evil, though. XD

XDDDDDDDD I can imagine that happening to Bloodscythe.
*wake up* What? *confused self...yay!*

It sounds evil because he's get what I mean? It's like a freaking cyclone is going to destroy this place, no Cyclone is going to...wait, that didn't make sense, did it?

Yeah, that's what I was thinking when I said wrote that! XD

Awesome! It is!

Secrets! o:
Yes! ^^

Yea, secrets! *evil laugh of doom* *taunting voice* I don't really know what's to happen! I don't really know what's to happen! XD ...yet...

I'm glad it helped you! I'll try and do that with my stories soon!

I'll sure try to do my best with them!

ALSO. I revived the roleplay and posted! Go ahead and write a post there!
Yes, you really should!

You will! ^^

And as for the RP, (I know, I'm totally saying this in the right spot! XD) I am going to reread the recent pages and my characters' profile before posting to get back into the feel for them, you know?
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