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Default Re: [IA] WASTELAND: Survival in the Post-Apocalyptic world!

Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post
>Turn on flashlight and make hand puppets to pass the time
>Search for better weaponry; Radiation can do some weird crap to living organisms.
Originally Posted by HKim View Post
> Pull out pistol and carefully proceed.

After a bit of boredom, and seeing that sunrise won't be for a little while, you pull out your trusty Vault-Tec Industrial Flashlight and start to put on a shadow puppet show. Then you remember that drawing attention to yourself as a maniac whose first action is to make shadow puppets is probably a bad thing, and cut out the puppets. Wuh oh, too late. A guy runs by you screaming about aliens coming for him, and-- Hey, he dropped a nice big bag of caps and a new gun for your arsenal! Unfortunately for you, it seems that the crazy man wasn't quite running from an alien, per-say, but he was definitely running from something unpleasant.

You've seen Ghouls before; they're humans who've been doused in massive amounts of radiation and been unfortunate enough to survive. Something like zombies, really, though they still bled just the same if you shot them, as you'd found out. Ferals were the ones you had to watch out for though; they were completely insane, and they went after anything that wasn't a Ghoul. Like you.

Thank goodness you had the foresight to draw out your 10mm pistol! A well-placed shot right between the eyes would take down lower-class ferals like these, and indeed it did... although now there were gooey chunks all over the street. Someone was going to have to clean that up later. Feeling cheery about your accomplishment of killing a Ghoul, you take a peek into the bag the crazy running man dropped and find a nice store of caps! And better, he was nice enough to drop a nifty laser pistol right there! Too bad it's only got about four shots left in the energy cell. Maybe you'll find more somewhere, but for now it looks like your laser pistol is going on backup duty. With that out of the way, you proceed into the abandoned skyscraper.

From the looks of it, someone's been here recently, and it looks like whoever it was didn't end up being lucky enough to survive, if the... decor... wasn't enough of an indicator. There wasn't anything of interest on this floor however. A staircase was visible in the flickering overhead light, however, and it didn't sound like there was anything still alive in here. Of course, if you were actually scared, you wouldn't have been such a great scavenger back in Brooklyn. In hindsight, maybe you should have brought some heavier artillery than a 10mm pistol.

--)Investigate the pre-war skyscraper
--)Locate the refugee camp
--)(OPTIONAL) Search for a better weapon in the abandoned skyscraper
--)(OPTIONAL) Offer your skills with weapons to any remaining refugees
---)Investigate the threat level of Radroaches.
-)Determine where to go
---)Wacky Wasteland? (???????)

1) Vault Dweller's Survival Guide; Vault 103 edition
3) Bottles of water
4) Packs of pre-war rations
1) 10mm pistol
1) Portable radio
1) Vault-Tec Industrial Flashlight
1) Rob-Co Inc. Robotic Transmitter
12) Clips of 10mm ammo
1) Box of flint
200) Caps (Currency)
1) Rob-Co Laser Pistol
1/3) Small Energy Cell
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