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Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations View Post
Wow! False! The United States bombed plenty of cities, including Hamburg and Dresden (yes, the United States took part in Dresden).

The person who says numbers do not matter, obviously has too few men. Numbers do count. Numbers count a lot. Not only is it a large mass of warm bodies for you to throw endlessly at your enemies, it also has a psychological affect on them as well. If you saw an endless wave of enemies coming toward you defenses, you would break and fall back.

I do not care how any victory was achieved. Lusankya acted as if the U.S military was unbeatable, said there was no one who could beat it. The point is, yes, there are people who can beat it as there have been people who could beat it in the past.

About my Rome comparison. In no way did I directly compare the two armies. I simply stated that they were both considered unbeatable until they were beaten.
China has 3.4 million soldiers, the US has 2.4 million. We also have twice the number of tanks and aircraft, most of them superior to their Chinese counterparts.

No one has ever "beat" the US army. Retreat from Korea, Vietnam, and all the other so-called losses were political losses, not military ones. The Vietnamese couldn't force the US military out of their country. Neither can Iraqi insurgents or the Taliban. Politics forces the US military out of countries. I guarantee you if the US was a dictatorship interested in conquest the only way we would have retreated from Vietnam is if the country stopped being able to support macroscopic lifeforms. There has yet to be an army that could force the US military out of their country by rendering them physically unable to continue the fight in the way in a significant way like the defeats of WWII. So no, it has yet to be "beat".

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