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Default Re: Favourtie clothing brand?

Originally Posted by The Jr Trainer View Post
Levi's pants are where it's at.
Definitely. o:

Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post
Well let's go through my daily attire preferences

Sneakers: Circa. My last pair from Circa lasted 2 years before the sole ran too thin. I can still wear 'em too.
Jeans: Wrangler
Socks: Hanes
Boxers: Don't care, Underwear is underwear. Typical rule of thumb: If it does it's job, don't question it.
Shirt: Don't care, a shirt is a shirt...
Hoodie: Simply for Sports
^ To copy...

Shoes: Converse (not high-tops, two pairs), StylePlus (marching band shoes, three pairs), Champion (snakers, two pairs), Merona (slip-ons, three pairs), and the rest are dress shoes.
Jeans/pants: Levi's (bootcut and skinny jeans, the latter of which are amazing), Calvin Klein, Vans, Old Navy, Aeropostale (I had to take them back, but they were awesome), and Arrow (professional clothing).
Socks: Addidas. :3
Shirt: Like, TONS. CustomInk, Savvy, Gildan, Aeropostale, Hollister, Jerzees, Hanes (plain-jane white v-necks), Giant, HAWK, Pokémon and Kingdom Hearts (yes, they have their own clothing lines).
Hoodies: Gildan. Well, hoodies are hoodies. They're all awesome.

What I'd really like:
- Uggs. For guys. Like, I'm not even joking. They exist. And I WANT THEM.
- More skinny jeans. Especially the red ones I saw on sale at Hot Topic. I'm a freak. D:
- More Pokémon shirts, but of course, different. I'm really craving a good Lapras shirt or a shirt with Rotom and all of its forms. One day, when I've got a steady job and have money to spare, I'm going to choose ten Pokémon, go to CustomInk and make some shirts. Or import ten from Japan that are brand 151. Kingdom Hearts, House MD, and Lie To Me shirts would be really nice, too.
- Though not clothing - but yet fashionable - I would REALLY like violet contacts.
- To burn all of my jorts (jeans + shorts = jorts)... or donate them. Enough said.
- Another suit or two. :3
- A solid black ring. Not explaining this one.

~Professor Geoffrey
The Professor of Pokémon Elite 2000.
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