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Default Re: Poor, Poor Audino...

Originally Posted by WatchMeBeQuieter View Post
Yeah I don't really care about the merciless slaying of countless Audinos because they give such marvelous experience...

However, as soon as they heal me, I always feel a little bit guilty... but what can you do, right?

Aside from that, I've never felt remorse for defeating Pokemon because they're cute.

Except for Lillipup.

I was EV training my Gyarados on Route 1, and I was curbstomping every Lillipup and Patrat I saw with Waterfall or Earthquake. I could deal with the Patrat because it's Patrat, but everytime I KOed a Lillipup, I couldn't help but think, "I have actually stooped to the level of killing puppies... I mean, they're PUPPIES!"
Are audinos like.. Common in other games? :I Cause I have only ever encountered ONE. And I have yet to see any other shaking grass, ever. xD
Yet my friend jess says she runs into them all the time, enough so to not even know they were rare till I told her.