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Default Re: Pokemon Suggestion Thread

You could also maybe put an additional comments section on each Poke, for the seasoned battlers. If you think this is a good ideal, add this to my Tentacruel, please......

Also, I have giving concideration to Icy Wind over Ice Beam (but with HP Fire still as the main attack in slot 4), but that might turn this into too much of a gimmick, but i have noticed more times than not, versus serious battlers, after the Acid Spray stat drop, they enjoy bringing in a faster-than-Tentacruel-is Dragon. With team viewer though, that does make the prediction of this slightly easier. If you can tag the Genie trio, Haxorus, Latios, Latias, Salamence, or Garchomp on the switch with Icy Wind, you can outspeed if they aren't running Scarf, for a very surprising 2HKO. If Gyarados or Zapdos switch into Stealth Rock, and you get the Icy Wind Speed stat drop, they can be beatten, as well. That would leave you really weak versus Steel types though.

I also occasionally do wifi battles.
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