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Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations View Post
Hay, keep it friendly please.

China would attack America if it weren't for their heavy economic ties. All America would have to do is yank their factories out of their country, and there goes its money, currently.

If America was truly as powerful martially as people say they are, why are small groups of insurgents giving them so much trouble? I understand that it is mainly because of politics, but the military can take care of it if they are so all-mighty.

You equate being able to hide in caves and plant bombs in the desert to take out an average of 2 soldiers a week with being able to take on the United States?

Painkiller and Khajmer are right, you know absolutely nothing about this, and stop even pretending that you do. The US has the best military in the world, period, and it will win a war with any other country in the world, period. It's not hard in the least to say who would win. Oh, and there are no other Asian communist countries that can back China up. NK? Laos? Vietnam? Who are you friggin' kidding? The US could beat all of East Asia put together. The most any country can hope to do against the US without resorting to nuclear war is to hide and use guerrilla tactics, there's nobody on the planet that can stand toe to toe, period. Anything else is just plain delusional.

And no, I'm not gonna be friendly when you claim things as blatantly wrong as that.

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