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Default Re: Why is there No Pokémon MMO?

I agree with the guy who wrote the article. I too feel the need to beat down a ten year old's Ho-oh.

What they would need to do is as follows: Get a third party developer to run and manage it as an MMO (to address Neo's point about not having nearly the time or commitment level from the main studio to do it), set up an expansion system similar to what The Old Republic is going to do (the game itself is free to play, but there would be updates every month or so that you could pay for to unlock new areas, quests, adventures, etc.), and most importantly, integrate the main series with the MMO. Make it so there are some things you can only do in the solo games and some things you can only do in the MMO, and have them be connected in some way. For instance, the main series can be for the solo gym quest, Legendary capturing, an independent storyline, etc. Meanwhile, the MMO would have it's own adventure, which you could transfer your character to and from at any time (although leveling would cap and/or scale, so you couldn't raise your Pokemon in the MMO, then bring them back into the game and use them to CRUSH ERRYTHING).
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