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Default Mizuki Senka

Name: Senka Mizuki (last, first)
Gender: female
Age: 18

Intended Class: Martial Artist - Ninja - Aura User

Backstory: Mizuki had a normal childhood for the most part. She lived with her parents and twin sister. However, that changed around the age of six. She and her sister were visiting their aunt's house one weekend, and when they returned they had found signs of a break-in. They entered the house and saw that everything was throw in disarray. Even though their aunt said not to, the two girls ran further into the house to try to find their parents. They found them in the master bedroom, but both had been fatally shot. They aunt then took them in for the next four years, until the two were ready to set out to become Pokémon trainers.

Mizuki and her sister decided to go on separate paths, but promised to meet up again after a few years. She had no idea what path her sister chose, but Mizuki knew what she wanted to do. To deal with the pain of loosing her parents, the young girl had studied material on martial arts. She was fascinated with it, along with ninjutsu and a mystical force known as Aura. It was then she decided that when she was old enough she would find a dojo and learn the secret arts. She had done so when she was ten. At the dojo, her sensei presented her with a rare Pokémon known as Zorua. With the little fox Pokémon Mizuki started her training. With it she learned how to be extremely independent as well as how to work well on a team.

Eight years later, Mizuki was not finished with her training but felt like she could continue it on her own. If she needed to she could contact her sensei, but she felt like it was time to try to find her twin. During this adventure, the Zorua had used his ability to conceal his true identity and usually appeared in the form of a Meowth or Purrloin. She intends on being able to protect her sister, even if she does not want her to do so. She doesn't want her to go through the kind of pain they felt as kids again as well as not wanting anything to happen to her closest family member and friend.

Personality: Mizuki is a very independent woman who is caring of others and Pokémon. She well go out of her way to help those in need. She tries not to judge others on first impressions only, but if a companion of hers does not like the new person then she will take a long time to figure out what her opinion on that person is and keep a sharp eye on them. She holds people to their word, and if that trust it broken it can be almost impossible to get it back. She is extremely mature but on rare occasion she can let her hair down. She is also extremely loyal to her family, choosing blood bonds over emotional ones almost every time.

Plans: Become a skilled kunoichi and aura user, meet and trainer many different Pokémon, and make sure that she never loosed the bond she has with her twin.

Starter Pokémon: Zorua

Pokémon Wishlist: Charmander(♂)*, Ekans(♂)*, Nidoran(♀)*, Vulpix(♀)*, Eevee(♀)(to become Vaporeon), Eevee(♂)(to become Jolteon), Eevee(♂)*(to become Umbreon), Poochyena(♂), Absol(♀), Shinx(♂)*, Sneasel(♂), Eevee(♀)*(to become Glaceon), Snorunt(♀), Snivy(♀)*, Purrloin(♀)*, Blitzle(♂), Archen(♀)*, Axew(♂)*, Mienfoo(♀)

Lime = must have
Orange = really want
Red = can live without but still wants
* = would like to be shiny


Level: 0
EXP: 0

Ability Scores

HP: 40
Strength: 10 (+1)(+1)
Constitution: 10
Dexterity: 13 (+1)(+1)
Intelligence: 11 (-2)
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 10

Dark Slate Blue = Martial Artist bonus
Purple = Ninja bonus
Royal Blue = Aura User bonus
Red = other bonus




Money: $3000

Theme Song: Uura Saeka - Ayakashi Night (Sha la la)

(Please contact me through PM if anything needs to be edited.)
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