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Post Pokemon Suggestion Thread

Welcome to the Official Pokemon Suggestion Thread. This thread’s sole purpose is to create a list of pokemon for our new trade shop which is coming soon. If you have pokemon sets in mind please take the time to help us out. I’d like you to take a minute and look over the Pokemon strategy that Skippy supplied to us. The example below shows the move set, EV spread, nature, and held item. These are all basic things you will need to know about a pokemon before adding it to your team. In addition to the set Skippy wrote a little a bit about it and how it works.

Tentacruel @ Black Sludge/Leftovers
Nature: Modest
Ability: Liquid Ooze
IVs: 252 SpAtk/252 HP/4 Def (changed from the original 252 SpAtk/252 SpDef/4 HP)
-Acid Spray
-Giga Drain
-Hidden Power Fire/Ice Beam

If the opponent dosen't have a lead Poke that can either Earthquake, or ThunderPunch Tentacruel, you start out with the upper hand in the battle, no matter what else they might do. Acid Spray to immediately drop SpDef by 2 stages, the KO with move of choice. Giga Drain is your second main atacking option here, to gain back any lost HP. Scald to try and burn, or Surf for more power, both for a second STAB move. HP Fire for steel types, and Ice Beam for Dragon types, deoending on what your team is weaker against. Most people will also try and Taunt this lead, thinking it is running Toxic Spikes, so more often than not, you will get a free shot in.

That was an example of what we are looking for. Any pokemon you suggest should follow the basic outline below
-Ev Spread
-Iv Spread (trick room teams, certain hidden power, etc)
-Move 1
-Move 2
-Move 3
-Move 4

Alright Ill update this more a little later.


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