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Default Creative Dex Information & Index Thread [READ FIRST]

Creative Dex Information & Index Thread

The Creative Dex Project is a community project that aims to put together a list of resources relating to each Pokemon. These resources will include sprite art, graphic art, drawn art, fanfiction and other submissions.

The best part of the Creative Dex is that it's a PE2K project designed to show off our member's work. By submitting work to the Creative Dex, you agree that your work will be posted on the PE2K website and can be used by other people as long as they give credit to the PE2K Creative Dex. For example, if someone wished to use your banner in their signature on another forum, or use your sprite to make a banner.

Eventually these submissions will be compiled into pages for each Pokemon and hosted on the PE2K website.

How It Works
When you have a piece of work that you'd like to submit, you post it in the thread for that Pokemon using the correct form, found here. Experts will judge whether your work is suitable for the creative dex. If they feel your submission does not meet the quality guidelines, they will edit your post with information about why they are rejecting it and what you need to improve. Alternatively, if your work fits the quality guidelines, they will edit your post saying 'accepted'. If two different experts edit your post with 'rejection' notices, then your submission is rejected regardless of how many 'accepted' notices you have. If you receive less than two rejection notices, then your submission is accepted and will be added to the website in future.

Rules and Guidelines
  • You may only submit your own work.
  • Chosen 'experts' from each field will assess submissions based on the quality control guidelines.
  • If your work is not accepted, please do not resubmit it right away. Instead, edit your submission by taking into account the suggestions provided by the experts. If you want further advice about your submission, you can PM one of the experts who judged your submission or post in the Submission Discussion & Questions thread. Once you have taken the advice given into account and edited your work, you may resubmit it no earlier than one week after the first time you submitted it. If a piece of work is rejected twice you may not submit it again unless you have permission from an expert of that section.
  • You may submit a single piece of work multiple times for different Pokemon. For example, a drawing that includes Hoppip and Spinarak can be submitted in the Hoppip thread and the Spinarak thread. Or, a fanfic that includes many different Pokemon can be submitted for each Pokemon providing the form is filled out correctly. Remember to specify the type of appearance.
  • Pokemon submission threads are for SUBMISSIONS ONLY. All questions should be posted in the Submission Discussion & Questions thread.

Creative Dex Staff & Experts

Creative Dex Staff
Pokémon Trainer Sarah
Kumori Gem

Fanfiction Experts:
Kumori Gem

Sprite Art Experts:
Gelatini Jejunator
Cheerful Cherubi

Drawn/Other Art Experts:
Kumori Gem

Graphic Art Experts:
Kumori Gem

If you have any questions, please direct them to an appropriate staff member listed above or post in the Submission Discussion & Questions thread.
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