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Default GB games still working?

I'm seeing alot of people around this great big thing we call "internetz lolz", and they're all saying the same thing more recently: My gameboy games won't save anymore. So I got nervous and tested all my games, they all work fine. Red, yellow, blue, gold, and crystal all save and load normally. I was never blessed with silver, and I tracked down red at a garage sale a week ago. I was just curious if anyone else still has working gb games, and how I can prevent my battery from failing.

I save like the overly cautious kid I am: before each battle, after each battle, after an evolution, before a legendary, before walking into a gym, before walking out of a gym, and sometimes twice just for good measure. Please don't tell me saving kills the battery faster... I'm not sure what makes the batteries fail, I want to know so I can show my kid the good old games someday.
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