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Default Re: Which one, which one...

Use your Leavanny, for sure. Even though it takes 4x from two pretty common types, it can hit hard and fast, and take down many pokemon with Swords Dance, X-Scissor, Leaf Blade and Shadow Claw. I usually combine my Leavanny with my Zororark usually, bring it out first disguised as Leavanny, take out the their first Pokemon, force them to bring out any flying/fire pokes that they have that could counter my Leavanny, take them out with a Night Daze, which should keep my Leavanny reletively safe.

I also use Whimsicott as a partner to Leavanny quite often, as a support. My Leavanny has Chlorophyll as an ability, so I use Whimsicott with Sunny Day, Solarbeam, U-Turn, and Toxic and a kind of a support for it, while being able to do some damage with Solarbeam and Toxic.

I like Leavanny lol...

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