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Default Re: Individual RP: Stinky


Ranger Chainy


Upon inching out of the hole and casting a quick look around, I noticed the path nearby, which was good. That meant we wouldn't have to look for it later, and we had a path of retreat if this Durant turned out to be too much for Bob to handle. Not that I thought that was the case, but it was always best to have a backup plan.

<Hey James, there's something I want to check out, I'll be back in a bit,> Dual's thought suddenly washed across my mind. I nodded - he was probably worried about the same thing as me.

Sure, take your time, I replied silently, Smash, Meta and Broadblade can keep an eye on me.

Dual snorted, but jumped up onto the fallen tree and began running along it, arms trailing in the wind behind him. If I needed him, I could always contact him by telepathy, and I had plenty of other Pokemon should an emergency arise.

"Okay Togekiss," I heard Bob call, and I turned my attention back to the battle. "Let's use Yawn to put Durant to sleep. You're going to have to get close to execute the move though, so be careful!"

Togekiss took a deep breath and raised her wings, stalling in the air. This meant she was slowly falling towards the Durant. When she was close, she started exhaling the air, which was now tinged a slight milky-white. The cloud blew over the Durant, and it shook its head, trying to get the smoke out of its eyes.

It didn't miss a beat, though. As soon as the Togekiss was directly over it the angry ant Pokemon jumped into the air, driving itself upwards with its deceptively powerful rear legs. The top of its head was glowing silver, and the attack smashed into Togekiss' torso. She wailed in a trilling kind of way, and flapped her wings hard to get away, but the damage had been done. The Durant returned to earth with a thud, making the ground shake a little bit. It's large pincers moved open and closed in what I guessed was the insect approximation of a yawn.

I cast a slightly worried eye at Togekiss - she didn't seem to be too badly hurt, but that attack wouldn't be as easy to shake off as the Flash Cannon from before.


Current Battle Statistics:

Gentle Female Togekiss: 61% (used Yawn)

??? Male Durant: 100%, DROWSY (used Iron Head)


Trainer Statistics:

Name: Bob Miller
Location: Botanical Gardens
Area Effects: 10 Encounters Remaining, Ferroseed Voice Disk[ONE USED, INACTIVE], Durant Voice Disk[FOUR USED]
Pokemon Encountered: Bold Ferroseed(F), ??? Zigzagoon(?); ??? Exeggcute(?); ??? Vileplume(?); ??? Durant(M)
Pokemon Captured: Bold Ferroseed(F)
CC since last Encounter: 7202 / 25000

Pokemon Statistics:

Gentle Female Togekiss 91% (TM Flamethrower ; TM HP Grass ; TM Thunder Wave ; TM Shadow Ball ; TM Attract ; TM Water Pulse ; TM Protect ; TM Roost ; TM Shock Wave ; TM Psychic ; TM Grass Knot ; TM Double Team ; TM Substitute ; TM Psych Up ; TM Fire Blast ; TM Reflect ; TM Light Screen ; TM Toxic ; TM Sleep Talk ; TM Rest ; TM Swagger ; TM Defog ; HM Flash ; EM Nasty Plot ; EM Psycho Shift ; EM Heal Bell ; EM Tri-Attack ; EM Trick

Jolly Genderless Bronzong 100% (TM Trick Room; TM Charge Beam; TM Flash Cannon; TM HP Fighting ; TM Stealth Rock ; TM Protect ; TM Grass Knot ; TM Earthquake ; TM Explosion ; TM Calm Mind ; TM Shadow Ball ; TM Dream Eater ; TM Rock Slide ; TM Rest ; TM Sleep Talk ; TM Toxic ; TM Light Screen ; TM Reflect ; TM Rock Tomb ; TM Psych Up ; TM Psychic ; TM Rock Polish ; TM Substitute ; TM Solarbeam ; TM Return ; TM Double Team ; TM Sandstorm ; TM Skill Swap ; TM Swagger ; HM FlasH ; EM Trick ; EM Zen Headbutt ; EM Iron Head <Levitate Ability>)

Jolly Male Yanmega 100% (TM Roost ; TM HP Ice ; TM Shadow Ball ; TM Substitute ; TM Giga Drain ; TM Psychic ; TM Toxic ; TM Sleep Talk ; TM Attract ; TM Dream Eater ; TM Defog ; TM Flash; EM Whirlwind ; EM Reversal <Speed Boost Ability>)

Item Statistics:

Type Repellent x3
Hyper Ball x2
Park Ball x9
Hyper Repellant
Ferroseed Voice Disk x2
Durant Voice Disk

URPG Stats

Ranger Chapter | Referee Chapter | Grader Chapter
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