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Default Re: The Path of Destiny (PG/PG-13)

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Yep, pretty much. DX

Yeah, it's not exactly easy for her to sneak into the center, and she isn't Damian's pokemon (and Katie doesn't like the idea of risking sneaking her in).

XD I bet that would make for some amusing situations!

Well, if you do it a lot, you eventually won't have to force yourself. ^^
*images Snowcrystal getting caught trying to sneak in* D: & xD

Yes, it will! XD

Yeah, but I just realized that I'm forgetting again. *had an idea after PMing you, but forgot already*

Yeah, I feel sorry for what happened to him in the past, but nothing can justify some of the things he's done, and the things he's trying to do. (What song? XD)

Yeah, I know what you mean about that. XD Justin's veerrrry stubborn. And so is Scytheclaw, for that matter. XD
u.u So sad, and again, really good animation, shows how sad that really was. ^^/u.u Uh, song, well even if I knew to begin with, I don't know now. It was on an old episode of this dance music podcast I listen to.

Yes, they are, which makes for interesting interactions! ^^

Thanks! I like my stories to be surprising, so it makes me glad that they were!

Haha, yeah, he REALLY does not need to be a leader! He's definitely not as bad as he was when he was in charge; now he mainly just wants to be left alone, which does NOT make Snowcrystal and the group being there easy for him.

Justin: O.o

*surprised* 0.0 Woh... XD Yeah, surprising makes for better stories. ^^

Bad leaders, so bad... *oh wait, that sounded weird* Too bad he's stuck having to deal with them...

*lunges at Justin*

Yeah. XD I bet Snowcrystal's pack would have all found orange growlithe very strange.

Yep, pretty much. D= We shall see...
Yeah, I'd like to see a random orange growlithe stumble upon their home, everyone would just be: o.o Um, hello...

We shall see doesn't sound so good...

But...there is nothing to understand. o:

Yeah, and how you react to it.
Announcer: It's super effective, Scy is confused!
*uses I Give Up attack*
Announcer: Guard used I Give Up, he fell over, he's dead! ... I mean fainted! Because pokemon can't die. (Lol, that was always really funny to me, in the games, pokemon don't die! Parody-time!)

XD Yeah, I think it would be silly to give a vicious name to someone who was evil, unless they named themselves or something. Otherwise, it sounds pretty convenient. XD I loved the idea of a scyther named Bloodscythe being the kind, "let's help everybody!" kind of pokemon. XD

You're welcome! XD

Okay, I'll try and explain it in simple terms (to start) in my reply to the pm!
I am so evil I call myself...EVIL NAME!!! *scary howl that fails into a bad cough* XDDD

My name strikes fear in the hearts of others...but I'm really a nice guy, do you want some food? We have extra.
Other Pokemon: No, you're name is scary. *runs away*
... But I just wanted to help you... u.u


Thank you! ^^ (again...even though I'm still forgetting... oo') And yay, some random person asked for help at library again, and I have the answer! Whoot, helping people is fun. ^^

*receives PM, but will not speak further of it here, where others are watching, suspicious looks*

I might try doing might make feel less like I'm going to fail at it. XD I will! I'm not going to rush this one, since it's one of the hardest chapters I've had to write.
Yeah, you really should, I was on the verge of giving up with my fic, then I went and read some of the comments on what I'd posted, if they liked that so much (with how horribles it were), than I'm sure I can do better!

Only with you, it should be, if they liked that chapter even though I had trouble with it, I can do better! *rush off to work on chapter, only not rushing because that's bad*
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