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Default Jessu can has art tiem

I also have a sprite gallery!

Herro! :3 I used to post my artwork here a long time ago,
but eventually just drifted away from this whole board
after a while and went over to the Other Chat.
Well, I guess I'll make a comeback, seeing as how these boards are dying off very slowly.

Well first off, there's not gonna be too much. I've improved quite
a bit since I last posted here, and a lot of my old stuff I just hate too much lol.
I do both traditional and digital drawings. I may post paintings that
I've done in my college art class, but under their own section.

Shiny Umbreon and Leafeon
Landing Eagle
Indian Paintbrush *
My cat, Frisky
Dragon breathing fire
* Indicates that the image is bad quality. I will get up a better quality image sometime soon. :)


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